Wild Blood – Tricks and secrets of the Android game

Wild Blood is a game that is available for mobile devices running on both iOS and Android as an operating system. It is a Gameloft game that is designed based on the Unreal Engine graphic engine, which makes it a reference game in this field.

It´s very God of War-type so if you liked this title you´ll definitely love this game. In it you have to guide the knights of the round table in a world full of action , incredible cinematic scenes and a lot of brutality. Pure tactile action.

Wild Blood - Trucos y secretos

How can you use tricks in Wild Blood?

No matter how much you search on the internet I assure you that you will find us tricks for Wild Blood because there are none available, but here I will give you the solution so that you have all the coins you want and you can buy as many skills as weapons, armor, etc…

This game is compatible with an application that you can download for free to your Android device called Game Killer .

What this application does is give you access to the internal parts of the games code, it doesn´t work with all of them but in this case we are dealing with a game that allows us to use it.

When we enter these lines of code we can read everything that is written in numerical format and in the case of the game that brings us here, we can access without problems the memory slot where the value of the coins we have to spend is stored.

What we have to do is download the application with the link I´m going to leave you at the bottom of the article, once we have it downloaded we install it and leave it open in the background.

When we are in that situation we will have a floating icon on the screen and it will be visible at all times.

Now we open the game and we have to see the exact number of coins that we have at that moment, we go to Game Killer clicking on the floating icon that has inside the drawing of a wrench and in its searcher we introduce that number.

The normal thing is that after following these steps we get a list with many numbers like the one we have introduced repeatedly, this happens because the application runs many processes internally to work and practically any number we introduce will be repeated many times.

Now it´s a matter of clearing up the question of which line we´re interested in, so we go back to the game with the hacking application still in the background and make a purchase or earn some money, whatever it takes to change that value, then we go back to the application and do a search for the new value, this time the application is going to search on the same results we already have, the one that previously had the value we had entered first and now has the new one. This will certainly reduce the number of options (I know it looks a bit messy but when you start doing it step by step you´ll see how easy it is).

We have to repeat the process until we have only one line left, at most two, and at that point we have to change the value to whatever we want.

With this we will be able to have infinite money and use it to buy all the things that in the game cost coins, which is practically everything, you can buy experience, weapons, armor, luggage, special powers, skills and a lot of things that will allow you to enjoy the game in a different way.

In case you have any doubt I leave you a link to a website where you can download Game Killer and also they explain very well how to install and use it, anyway if you have any doubt in spite of that I invite you to leave it in the comments and I will try to help you as far as possible.

  • Download Game Killer free
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