WhatsApp Web Code Scanner – Complete Guide and Tips

WhatsApp is an instant messaging application initially designed for use on mobile devices. However, today users can have not one, but two versions developed for use on computers and laptops. In the case of this post, we are going to focus on providing you with a complete guide with tricks about WhatsApp Web Code Scanner . This will allow you to log in to WhatsApp from different web browsers on your PC or laptop.

Throughout this guide you will find relevant information regarding what WhatsApp code scanner is, how to use it and what it is for. In this last point we will show you a very interesting trick that you can perform to monitor the activity of your loved ones on WhatsApp. So, keep it up!

WhatsApp Code Scanner?

What started in 2009 as an instant messaging application specially developed for Smartphones, can now be used through tablets, laptops and desktops. WhatsApp Web Code Scanner is a parallel version of WhasApp , which emerged in the year 2015 as a result of pressure from platform users to be able to connect to virtually any other type of device and computer with Internet access.

Its original name is WhatsApp Web , and you could say that this version has a kind of twin sister known as WhatsApp Desktop . Both work the same, except for the difference that the first one runs through web browsers (preferably Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Edge). While the second is a downloadable application compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac.

WhatsApp Web Code Scanner can also be understood, perhaps in a much more specific way; as the option that incorporates the WhatsApp mobile app on Android and iOS devices. In fact, in both cases there is an option that is essential when linking the mobile app with the Web and Desktop versions . The link we´re talking about is done by scanning a QR code, but we´ll talk about that in the next point.

How do I scan a code to activate WhatsApp Web?

Cómo escanear un código para activar WhatsApp Web

In general terms, the operation of WhatsApp code scanner is based, as its name indicates, on the scanning of a QR code by the camera of the mobile device whose WhatsApp account is to be opened on other computers. In other words, you must take your Smartphone and use its camera to scan a unique code that will appear in the Web version of the platform .

This is the only way you can log in to the web version. To carry out this procedure, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Open the WhatsApp application on your Smartphone.
  2. To activate the scanner, do the following depending on your mobile operating system:

    • Smartphone with Android : Go to the Chats tab> Click on More options (3 dots icon in vertical)> Select WhatsApp Web.
    • Mobile devices with iOS : Go to the Configuration section (icon of a cogwheel)> Select the WhatsApp Web/Desktop option .
    • On a Windows Phone : Go to the Chats tab> Click on Menu (3-dot horizontal icon)> Select WhatsApp Web.
  3. Now your mobile camera will open automatically, but not in photo or video mode. So you don´t need to do anything with it until you complete the next step.
  4. Then, from your computer, click on the following link to go to the official WhatsApp Web website.
  5. On the right side of the page you will see a square with details that appear to be pixelated. This is the QR code that you should point your mobile camera at.
  6. When you open the WhatsApp Web page, no code may be automatically loaded. In these cases you must click on the green circle with the message ” CLICK TO UPDATE THE QR CODE “.
  7. After pointing at the code for a few seconds, the camera will be deactivated and you will return to the App screen on your mobile. While in the browser of your PC, Laptop or Tablet will open exactly the same application of WhatsApp but with a slightly different interface.

Now you can enjoy WhatsApp on your mobile device and WhatsApp Web Code Scanner on the browsers of your other computers. The truth is that the alternative of WhatsApp Desktop turns out to be exactly the same as the Web version, only this second one is our favourite as there is no need to download anything. It only requires a compatible and updated browser.

Close WhatsApp Web Sessions on Linked Teams

With WhatsApp Web Code Scanner you can open your WhatsApp account on multiple computers simultaneously, not just one. However, these sessions started on other devices can only be closed from the original source , that is; from the mobile application on your Smartphone. When you want to do this, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the WhatsApp application on your Smartphone.
  2. Go to Settings or More options (varies by your mobile operating system).
  3. Click on the option WhatsApp Web .
  4. Enter the section of Open Session Devices .
  5. Finally, select Close all sessions and then Close session .

WhatsApp Web Code Scanner is for? (Tricks)

Basically, WhatsApp Web Code Scanner serves to facilitate user access to this online instant messaging platform at all times. For example, let´s imagine the case in which a user arrives home and has to respond with some urgency to some business messages but his mobile is downloaded.

Well, instead of waiting for it to receive some power, you can simply go to your laptop, PC, or tablet and open WhatsApp Web using your preferred browser. Of course, to achieve this the WhatsApp link must have been done previously . But this is just one of the ways in which such a platform can maximize its practicality. Making life even easier for its users.

WhatsApp Web Code Scanner Trick

One of the biggest advantages of the WhatsApp Web Code Scanner feature is that it allows us to perform certain tricks. Perhaps the most relevant of all is the one that allows us to spy on the WhatsApp of others . This is an increasingly common trend among parents around the world, especially those with teenage daughters, as they can be protected from potential bullies.

This trick consists of taking the target person´s mobile phone while they are not aware of it , and quickly scanning the QR code on your tablet, laptop or PC. Something we haven´t done so far, is to clarify that by using WhatsApp Web code scanner you are not creating a parallel account, but you are replicating the same scanned account.

Consequently, all chats will be shared on each device and linked computer. But this trick has another, slightly better variant: instead of opening WhatsApp Web on a PC, Laptop or Tablet; you can do it from your own Android Smartphone . Where you will open the WhatsApp Web page from Google Chrome and point to the QR code with the target person´s device.

Just to make sure, you´ll be pointing the camera of one mobile phone at the screen of another. But this requires something very precise that we will show you right now: when you open WhatsApp Web in your Android´s Chrome, click on the three vertical dots located on the top right and, in the menu that opens, select the option Computer version . This will reload the page and only now you will have access to a QR code to scan.

Keep in mind that this trick has a weak point: if the target person happens to enter the Devices with open sessions section in his WhatsApp account on your mobile, he will end up seeing that another (or other) device is linked to his account. This could make him suspicious of you, or at the very least, upset that someone else has been accessing all of his conversations. That´s how we end up with our complete guide to WhatsApp Web Code Scanning.

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