Tricks and secrets of the new Super Mario Run

Nintendo is back with this strong investment they are making in the world of handheld games . In this case they have made a version of the games of one of their classic characters that is available for iOS and Android and that is of the run-game type. The name of the title is Super Mario Run and it consists of running without stopping through a map with obstacles and collecting all the possible coins and prizes.

Now that we´ve done a little introduction to the game, we´re going to show you the tricks that are available for the game so far. If we see some more coming up in the future we´ll be adding them to this post, but if you know one that we don´t name here I invite you to leave it in the comments, so we can all enjoy it and add it to the post with your name on it. Let´s start!

Trucos y secretos para el nuevo Super Mario Run

How to Unlock All the Characters in Super Mario Run

When we first run Super Mario Run, we have the Mario character available, but not only can we play with him, there are a few other characters that have their own characteristics and can be fun to play with as well. Let´s see how to get each of them:

  • Mario : For mario there is absolutely nothing to do. When you start the game you will be able to use it.
  • Luigi : When you are in “My Kingdom” you have to look for the Toad shop and enter the special section. Once there you have to buy Luigi´s house, for which you need to have 150 green toads and as many purple ones. To get all of them you have to be in good positions in the race mode. The good thing about this character is that you can jump higher than anyone else with it.
  • Yoshi : We are back again to the Toad shop inside My Kingdom and this time the house we have to buy is Yoshi´s. For this you will have to have 30 red toads and 30 yellow toads. He makes a special move that can come in handy in games called Flutter.
  • Toadette : In this case you have to buy the Toadette house in the Toad shop, for them you have to have accumulated 200 red, 200 purple, 200 green and 200 yellow toads. This is the most difficult to get.
  • Princess Peach : In this case change a little the way to get it. To do it you have to pass 24 phases in the Worlds mode and once that is done you have to rescue her from Bowser´s hands. You can do something called Floating Jump, keeping yourself in the air for a while.
  • Toad : This one is really easy to get, because all you have to do is have a My Nintendo account and link it to this game.

How to win tickets

In Super Mario Run, there are several game modes. I think the most fun one is racing, but to participate in it you have to have something called tickets.

These tickets cannot even be bought with money, but must be won in the other game modes. The problem is that at the beginning to win them is very simple but then the thing gets complicated and becomes really difficult. What we´re going to show you here is a list of actions to win tickets so you can follow it to the letter and save a lot of time:

  • Nintendo Points : There is an easy way to get tickets that is by spending points from your Nintendo account.
  • Linking your Nintendo account to the game : We have already told you above that if you link your account you will receive the Toad character, but you will also receive some tickets as well.
  • Defeat bosses : In case you manage to defeat a final boss on the first attempt without having died in the level you receive 10 tickets.
  • Get all the coins : If you get all the coins you also get extra tickets, both the pink ones and the purple ones and the black ones give you two tickets if you get them all, but keep in mind that the pink ones are much easier to get than the others.
  • Full version : The game has a full version that can be purchased, if you decide to do so you will receive 20 tickets.
  • Play mini-games : Every eight hours you can play mini-games that are accessed through the houses and in which you also win tickets.
  • Winning races : To play in a race we have to spend a ticket, but in case we win it we will get a few, that´s why if you win races you will always have tickets.
  • The Gift House : When the game starts we have the possibility to install a house that comes as a gift and that later serves to play mini-games. When you put it in your kingdom you will receive 5 tickets.

That´s all for now, we´ll be adding as we said above everything we find related to Super Mario Run tricks .

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