Top 3 employment calculators for calculating taxes and payments

Our daily life is full of numbers and arithmetic operations, and above all; in our work environment. In that sense it is indispensable to have reliable tools to solve all the calculations, and more when it comes to taxes and payments. That is why technology makes our lives a little easier and we have many options on the market. Next, we will present you a top 3 employment calculators to calculate taxes and payments .

However, before going directly to the best brands and models, we will start this post by describing four essential aspects that should be considered when choosing the best possible calculator for tax and payroll calculation.

What is the best job calculator on the market?

Knowing that without a doubt, the calculator is an extremely useful tool, and that it makes life a little easier for us in our work; we must have a model with the necessary functions to take out our calculations in a clear and legible way. That is why we invite you to read our buying guide, which you should take into account so that your choice can satisfy your needs both at work and personally.

Calculator type

When buying a calculator it is fundamental to define what type of use we will give to the calculator , since we can find it from a pocket calculator to others that are specially designed for office work, with a much more structured body for a continuous stay at the desk.


This is also an essential point, since some calculators may require batteries, while others must be connected to the current, from this you can see how convenient it is between one and the other, to save both energy and the expense of changing the battery.


The screen is very relevant, so before reviewing the price, we must look at this great detail, because here, will be reflected the information we need from our calculations . Just as there are types of calculators, there are also different types of screens. There are some with simple line screens, while others can transmit more information being the latter, a little more expensive, but they can give us more complete results.


For this point, it is important to have a keyboard that has large, comfortable and readable keys for optimal handling of the figures to be processed. Thus, we avoid making mistakes when making calculations or when entering very elaborate figures.

Top 3 best work calculators

Top 3 calculadoras de impuestos

Taking into account our buying guide, we will present you some options that you can check when buying your calculator:

1. Canon AS-220RTS

This is a compact 12-digit desktop calculator for business and financial environments, with a curved body, an automatic check key with 120 stored calculation steps, and multiple financial and tax calculation functions.

Your keys are usually necessary to ensure greater efficiency in our calculations. It is so compact that it fits in the palm of our hand, allowing us to carry it around in total comfort. It is energy saving, and can be operated with both batteries and sunlight, and after 7 minutes of inactivity, the automatic shutdown will turn off our calculator to give you greater savings on our batteries .


  • He´s got big numbers.
  • It has automatic shutdown.


  • The screen is a single line.

2. Helect H1001-Calculator-BK

This is one of the best office calculators, as far as its quality/price ratio is concerned, it is one of the cheapest models on the market, and it has a 12-digit display, plus a simple and uncomplicated design. Within the functions and calculations that can be solved from the most basic to the most complex, including tax calculation. As for its power supply, the model comes with a solar sensor and AA batteries.


  • Good design.
  • It´s environmentally friendly.
  • You can perform currency conversions.


  • It does not show the signs on the screen when you perform an operation, so be sure to check the correct one.

3. Casio FX-82MS

It has a two-line display, and the size is that of a desktop calculator. It also has a convenient menu system for statistical calculations, and 24 other integrated features. We can solve trigonometric functions and it integrates 8 constant memories.


  • Its main advantage is that it has a two-line display, which many calculators do not have.


  • Its main disadvantage is that the screen tends to look sharp when you look at it straight ahead.

Now, we´ve presented you with three choices of job calculators to help you perform at your best in your field of work. Remember to be fully informed about the use that you will require of these, so that you can get the most out of them in your payment and tax calculations .

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