Tips for Minecraft PE Pocket Edition

Well, today we are going to share several tricks, secrets and mods for the game Minecraft PE, for those who don´t have it you can download it from the web in Spanish.

The first trick is great, it is very useful not to die when we are trolling with friends . What we have to do is put a TNT and make a ladder covering it with glass blocks.

It´ll only take half your heart when it would normally kill you. The best part about this trick is that it works on creepers, too.

Trucos para Minecraft Pocket Edition

Another trick is to have infinite arrows , we aim with the bow, we throw the arrow and we pick it up in successive occasions and the arrows will increase as many times as we want.

You can also do one so you don´t get hurt after a big fall. What you have to do is get out of the game while you are falling and get back in that way it will only take two hearts away from you while you would otherwise lose your whole life.

The next one serves to make a hidden room that looks great so you don´t get robbed when you play online. We just have to sleep in a bed and we will automatically show up at that place.

The way to achieve this is to put floor blocks, then we make an ele shaped structure and there we just put the two beds and in the back we will build a hole with the hidden room.

The following is more a curiosity than a trick, it´s to get a villager to transform into a witch , we have to put the camera next to the villager, we throw the lightning and the villager will have transformed.

The next one is for making a flying boat . If we jump from a great height over the trampoline blocks we will jump for a few seconds, but if we jump with the boat we can fly for hours.

What you have to do is to build a tower or row of blocks at the height you want and put a square of trampoline blocks underneath, then climb all the way up and jump off the boat.

If you´re riding the boat it´s going to last less, but if you put the boat in empty it´s going to be jumping almost all the way through the game.

More useful tips for Pocket Edition

There is another trick that serves to make teleportation . What you need to start with are some tracks and a wagon, then we go to the game options and in the third button of the options (the one below), in visibility we put it at the minimum.

We put the trolley in a place stuck with two objects, we get on it and we pull it out and it will be like shaking, we get off it and we go to the place we want even if it is very far away.

Then what we have to do is leave the world , we enter again and automatically we will have teleported and will be in that place where we had placed the wagon.

If the trick doesn´t work when you return to the game, move forward a little bit to the place where you have placed the track and you must teleport at that moment, sometimes it doesn´t work in that case either, but most of the time it does.


Remember that tricks are fine, because they are allowed, but many Minecraft users use illegal hacks that ruin the game and make it lose all the fun.

Avoid using these types of scripts and codes because they really take away the appeal of this great Mojang app.

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