This young man loses 20 kilos playing Pokemon Go… Look how

This is not the first time we talk about Pokemon Go , in this article we talk about the not allowed techniques they use to take advantage, and in this other one of tricks to play Pokemon Go and be the best, but today we bring you the incredible story we found in Facebook: that of Pedro, a Spanish speaker with an incredible record: losing almost 20 kilos (about 40 pounds) since the beginning of the Pokemon Go furor that has kept him for almost 2 months walking around his city every day. Today we tell you the full story and how he has done it.

Peter´s Story

Pedro started playing Pokemon Go almost 2 months ago, exactly on July 11th, practically since the game came out in the United States and the APK started to viralize on social networks. His level of addiction from the beginning forced him to leave home for hours with his friends.

adelgazado pokemon

“We used to spend hours playing COD (Call of Duty), and watching videos on Youtube of gameplays, but now we spend most of the day touring our city, visiting pokepots and gyms every day. I usually leave the house in the morning for 1 or 2 hours, and in the afternoon we leave around 4 and come back at night, and practically all the time we are walking or riding our bikes.

adelgazamiento pokemon

Pedro was the first to be surprised, as his addiction to Pokemon play has also displaced his interest in eating sedentary, which he did almost naturally. In his social networks he has shown the physical progress obtained almost parallel to his addiction to the game of Niantic:


Studies support the correlation

According to a study by Independent and Clinic Compare, if you hunt a whopping 100 Pokémon a day you lose a pound every 3 days. The figures seem difficult to get, but Pedro claimed to hunt an average of 50 or 60 Pokémon every day, and in the following graph you can see the comparison between hunted Pokémon (calculating that for every mile travelled 10 Pokémon are hunted) and achieved weight loss (based on the calories we consume while walking):

estadistica pokemon

If we add to this that starting to play Pokemon Go meant a change from a sedentary life to an active one for Pedro, and that he also started to eat less, here are the results: the games also serve to lead a healthier life, at least in some cases.

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