Terminology and words used in online shops

Are you one of those who goes crazy when entering an eCommerce site ? Do you practice click and collect ? Are you always checking your tracking number ? Are you excited about unboxing to unsuspected limits? I´m sure you even do webrooming .

There are many consumers who are real experts in e-commerce and would have answered all the questions at first glance. But there are many people who are still not clear about Anglicisms so we have decided to bring all those words together in this article. We return to the charge with Commercial Words, part two.

Christmas is coming, you don´t know what to buy and the worst thing is, there´s no time for it! Therefore, those who take advantage of any downtime in front of the computer and start surfing the net, eager for information about prices and opinions are practicing webrooming even if they don´t know.

And it is nothing more than to expand information, compare opinions and look for the best price of those products for which they have not yet decided to buy but which they have discovered in the online environment, of course.

In the opposite term is the shoowrooming , act by which a consumer searches and compares products in the offline environment but ends up buying online.

He has already decided on the site where to buy the gift. In addition to a good price, he has determined the decision to buy the ” click and collect ” that the brand offered him, because it turns out that he has taken ten minutes out of his busy schedule to go and pick up the order in the store. That´s a great advance for buying online and being able to pick it up yourself without having to worry about being caught at home or having to adapt to the messenger´s schedule, right? Major brands such as Carrefour, El Corte Inglés, Ikea and the Inditex Group are already making it easy for customers. A good option for not having to wait in long queues in the same store.

But if your customer is one of the classics and prefers everything that eCommerce entails… he prefers it to be delivered to his home or wherever he chooses. When he has passed the “search, compare and if you find something better…buy it” phase, he becomes obsessed with another commercial word: the tracking number . What is it? It is the tracking number of the order that has been made through the web and that the logistics operator provides to the customer so that he is always aware of its location. Fortunately, wisdom has prevailed in this and almost all operators indicate terms such as “order tracking” for customers.

And when the customer has the package in his hands… He´s eager to see what he´s bought. What´s he doing? Unboxing. New commercial word. What we´ve known all our lives as unpacking. Sounds cooler this way.

Let´s change to more generic topics, for example, the term Internet of Things. The same words already say it: Internet of Things . Yes, but what does it mean? It refers to the network of interconnected objects, a revolution that goes beyond and tries to give an added value to the user. For example, we could refer to it if our running shoes were able to connect to the cloud and record data related to the exercise performed as mentioned in the article in Very Interesting. Or if our purchase would “go it alone” as the products are finished, as shown in this video by Carrefour Belgium, with a device that reminds us of the Amazon Dash

All this is already possible thanks to the Wearables, devices that can be attached to our clothes or even to our skin and that continuously interact with us or other devices. Examples are smartwatches , the famous Google Glass , the bracelets that control our heartbeat or burn calories when we play sports. A few more words… A “must”, a must in our daily life, since it is expected that by 2020 the transactions of mpayments will be made through them. Yes, we are talking about paying through mobile devices. We have already introduced a new commercial word…

And to finish for today, we explain the advertising cross device that is a trend for this 2016. It refers to advertising that is capable of following the needs that a certain product arouses in the consumer but studying them from the different devices through which the consumer navigates. Very interesting for anyone who wants to approach their audience from different perspectives, but with a well-structured strategy, a whole world within the new online marketing .

Do you know any more related vocabulary or Anglicisms of the ecommerces? Share them with us in the comments section!

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