Preventing Fraud and Protecting Against Impersonation

When a scammer poses as you to apply for credit on your behalf, it can affect your ability to get financing later. As a result, it can make it impossible for you to make important personal plans.

A credit monitoring service allows you to monitor changes to your credit report, alerting you each time it is updated.

What is credit monitoring?

Many credit reporting services constantly monitor your credit profile, alerting you by email when changes are made to it. This allows you to review them quickly and helps you deal with any potential problems that may arise.

A guide to common fraud methods

The theft of personal data and identification is on the rise. And as it grows, it´s becoming more sophisticated. Keeping abreast of potential threats is a big challenge in itself. So here´s our guide to the most common scams you should watch out for.

What´s your information worth to con men?

As the world becomes more interconnected, we all need to behave more responsibly towards data theft. What we don´t always understand is exactly what happens to data once it is stolen from us; the value it has and how it can make it easier for criminals to make a lot of money by using it and selling it.

The current situation of consumer data theft

We live in a time when big data is everywhere. Almost everything we do, everywhere we go and every conversation we have, generates some kind of data. It is becoming extremely valuable, and in some cases, companies value data more than money itself.

How to protect yourself against fraud

Cybercrime is big business and we can all be at risk. In 2017, more than 145 billion euros were stolen from consumers, using various attacks such as phishing, ransomware and online fraud , to name a few.

What to do if you fall victim to fraud

The fact that in the modern world we have to protect and monitor our data better than ever is a fact. Our personal information has become an enormously valuable asset and, since we use digital technology in almost every aspect of our lives, it is more vulnerable than ever.

Credit card fraud detection

When we see activity that indicates that fraud may be taking place with your data, we will make sure you know about it. For example, if there is a large increase in any of your accounts, we will let you know. This way, you can check your account and let your bank know if that transaction was not legitimate.

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