Move or Die – Tricks, secrets and all about the game

Move or Die is the game that youtubers like Elrubius, Mangel, Fernanfloo or Bersgamers have made fashionable in the Spanish Youtube scene. The game was first published on February 27, 2013 and is available on Steam, IOS, Windows, MAC and LNX.

According to the developers themselves, Move or Die is a fast and absurd game for 4 players online where the rules change every 20 seconds, this means that you will have to continuously adapt to the different scenarios and rules that govern the game and make the winner decided. The pace is frantic and it is very easy to lose, in fact, you will lose continuously because there are only 4 players and only one will always win.

modos de juego de move or die trucos

Although the game is suitable for playing online with 3 other players, you can also play with friends connected by Steam or even with the artificial intelligence of the game itself. The game is tremendously addictive and you will surely love it.

trucos secretos move or die

How to get experience (XP) in Move or Die

To be able to unlock skins (new suits) you must increase your experience level, and this can be achieved by playing and winning in the different games and rules. One of the best ways to get XP easily is to participate in the daily challenges , both in the missions that are published every day and fighting against opponents with artificial intelligence in the daily championships.

What is the level editor and how to use it?

editor de niveles de move or die

The level editor is an option that includes Move or Die with which you can create your own level of the game. You can edit the tiles, generate actions, modify the cameras used, place objects and much more.

The editing section is divided into 3 zones:

Main – Where the shape and structure of your level is built.
Action – Where you create tiles that interact with each other and set the camera.
Painted – Where you place the background of your level and make the level look good.

In Move or die there are many secrets and tricks to create everything you want, and if you want more information about creation you should check these articles:

  • Creating new characters using Photoshop (required)
  • Creating levels step by step
  • Creating music for your level

tiles para move or die elrubius mangel fernanfloo

What skills do you need to create a character?

Mainly you must know how to use Adobe Flash, Photoshop and Spriter or Spine to make the animations. To make the audios we recommend using Audacity.

Trick to play 4 in local

It´s really not a trick, since the fun of the game is to play online with 3 other people, either known or unknown, but you should know that with only one keyboard can play 4 people, although I assure you that it will not be very comfortable hehe, so it is recommended to always play online and have good Internet connection.

What do the different “Game Modes” mean?

When playing, a random game mode is selected from a large list on the left. Each game mode lasts approximately 20 seconds and has its own rules and arena. Players fight until a winner is declared (either the last man standing, or a specific rule from that game mode applies). The winner is rewarded with XP experience points and in seconds another game mode is chosen at random. This process continues until a player reaches a predefined number of points and is declared the overall winner. Funny, isn´t it?

Steam Achievements

Move or Die is constantly updated with new maps, characters, modes and gameplay, and the good news is that you won´t have to pay a penny for these updates. Maybe that´s why youtubers Elrubius, Mangel, Fernanfloo and Bersgamers are hooked on this Steam game.

Successfully complete the tasks below to unlock the corresponding achievements on Steam. To view your Steam achievements and statistics, remember to select “Community”, then “My Profile”, “View All My Games” and then click on the game and view the statistics.

Almost there: Run 50000 steps in “Speed Run”.

Career in plumbing: Crush 350 Players in “Stomp”.
It´s raining death: Hold 25 seconds on “Falling Blocks”.
Master Blow Back: Play 1000 “Blow Back” rounds
Master Bomb Tag: Play 1000 “Bomb Tag” rounds
Master Color Craze: Play 1000 “Color Craze” rounds
Master Falling Blocks: Play 1000 “Falling Blocks” rounds
Master Speed Run: Play 1000 “Speed Run” rounds
Master Stomp: Play 1000 “Stomp” rounds
Umph: Blow back 200 times.
Victory by paint: Paint 5000 titles in “Color Craze”.
You´re it!: Passes the bomb 500 times in “Bomb Tag”.

These are all the achievements you can unlock in Move or Die. By the way, did you know that ElRubius, who is playing this game a lot, hasn´t unlocked any yet? Go ahead!

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