Keys to selling more with your online store

To sell online it is not enough to open an eCommerce website or upload products to a marketplace. There are some basics to keep in mind to have a better chance of success.

As we see, there is a wide range of key elements and also solutions to cover them adequately, however there are certain factors common to all stores , without which we will be doomed to failure.

To begin with, the navigation of the website . Usability and accessibility should be its maxims. The main objective is that the client successfully carries out the transaction. Therefore, will have to facilitate by all means the conversion . In web usability, as in many other topics, less is more. And the saving of clicks is fundamental . There are studies that say that an additional click can represent 20% less conversion in sales.

Therefore, the purchase process must be simple and transparent, as well as fast . Starting with a cart where the details of the purchase are very clear, with the transport costs, or taxes, indicated expressly so that the user can be completely sure of the purchase and has no reason to go back. In some cases the user must make a long and complex journey, through up to 5 or 6 screens until the purchase is concluded. Each one of them is a reason for the customer to give up. And what to say when we come across messages like this: “You have exceeded the time of the operation. Try again”, or some similar ones. This means that the process will have to be restarted, with the consequent frustration for the buyer.

This may be a recurring example, but there is nothing simpler than Amazon´s “buy at a click” button. The user enters his data only once, associates his account to a means of payment and is ready to repeat purchases as many times as he finds a product that appeals to him.

Maximum simplicity to convert sales: “buy in one click”

And the most useful means to seduce buyers is the use of excellent images . The very hackneyed phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” is absolutely true in the case of online sales. The more detailed the images are and the closer they get to the reality of the product, the more likely it is that the user will decide to make the purchase. And the more likely it is that he will give up visiting other competing stores or even a physical store.

Still, any online store won´t sell. The content is very important to get it. We have already referred to the navigation of the website, which must be usable and accessible, including product information. The images must be accompanied by quality texts that provide value to the user, while positioning the products for search engines. But, one step further, the content of the website must create a story with which our client feels identified , and which persuades him to use our products, not because they are of excellent quality, but because his life will be better thanks to them.

The content must contribute to create and complete a unique shopping experience and achieve a branding effect that reinforces the consistency of the brand

However, attention should be paid to the experience of mature markets, since, according to reports such as Accenture´s “Accenture-The-Secrets-of-Seamless-Retailing-Success”, consumers tend to consult products on the Internet (webrooming) and go to buy them in stores . This happens, for example, in the categories of Household Appliances and Electronic Devices. For Accenture, this is an indication that the variety of online offerings sometimes exceeds and overwhelms users.

However, it is very common that thanks to eCommerce brands can show a much wider range of categories and products , which the limited spaces of the sales rooms do not allow.

We must therefore find a balance between the solutions that can be offered through e-commerce and the ability of users to assimilate them and distinguish between them. We therefore re-emphasise the relevance and quality of the information provided to our eCommerce customers.

The online store that converts sales is the one that provides the right amount and quality of information to its customers

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