How you can hack into a computer or PC in 5 minutes

Well, I´m Santiago and today I´m going to teach you the techniques used to hack your computer in just 1 minute!

From password changes to remote access, the techniques and ingenuity of hackers is almost limitless, and every day we learn of new types of hacking that occur on the Internet. With this article we have two purposes: The first is to explain the need to be cautious about it, because a hack can be very annoying – especially if it´s our business, privacy or the privacy that´s compromised – as well as expensive. Secondly, this article should serve to inform us about 3 very common techniques for hacking a computer or PC, such as changing a password, injecting a .bat file or remotely accessing another computer from LogMe in. Here we go:



  • Introduction
  • What will you learn in this article?
  • 1. How can you change the password of your computer
  • 2. How they knock down our PC with a .bat file
  • 3. How hackers control the victim´s computer remotely
  • Final conclusions

Today we are going to show you the steps hackers follow to get remote access to our computer, or even decipher our wifi password.

What will you learn in this article?

We are going to teach you these 3 techniques that are used by professional (and not so professional) hackers to take control of our computers:

1. How can you change the password of your computer

modo seguro para hackear

This type of hacking is very common when equipment, whether portable or desktop, is stolen. The password of our PC, while useful to prevent your brothers from entering your Windows account, is no problem for a hacker when using or starting up a stolen computer. With just a few simple steps, they can change the password again, and leave your (stolen) computer as good as new, ready to be used or sold on the black market.

The first thing hackers do with stolen computers is turn the computer into safe mode. Once in safe mode, they use the run option to find a function on the computer that contains the previously generated passwords. Just like that, anyone can log on to a computer that is not their own. Surprising, isn´t it?

2. How they knock down our PC with a .bat file

The .bat files are the typical files that when installed start to pop up on our desktop as if there were no tomorrow. Who else has suffered this type of attack, very common years ago. The hacker tricks us to install or click on a bat file, and this will force us to turn off the computer.

This hacking, which may seem harmless at first, can give us more than one headache, especially if we are not expert computer users. Like everything else, .bat are of different types, and sometimes these infections are accompanied by other types of malware much more dangerous.

How to prevent hacking with a .bat file? The best way to prevent it is with a good anti-malware program, which detects the malware and does not allow its execution. MalwareBytes is a good option, no doubt.

3. How hackers control the victim´s computer remotely

They use a program that can be installed in both Windows and Mac. The following steps must be followed.

  1. Download LogMeIn software.
  2. To hack into a computer and be able to see what it does (or use it) remotely, they manage to download the program onto the computer they plan to access remotely.
  3. The installation process is a little heavy, but it is well explained: windows mac pc
  4. Once this is done, as soon as the person turns on their PC, it appears as just another device that the hacker can connect to.

If the person hacking into the remote computer is careful enough, the hacked user does not have to be aware of their presence. However, some of these hacks are performed to scare the computer owner, taking advantage of the fact that both users are online to make movements on their screen or leave scary messages to scare us. One of the most typical scams consists of convincing the victim that their computer is infected, and asking for money in exchange for leaving everything as it was.

How do you avoid being a victim of this hack? It´s simple; regularly check your computer´s software administrator to make sure you don´t have LogMeIn or any of its alternatives installed. The Windows “Add/Remove Programs” tool will be helpful, as well as the Startup Console Browser.

Final conclusions

Most of these attacks require physical presence to be executed. Remote access, for example, requires the hacker to install a program on the victim´s computer. Changing the password, in turn, requires that a computer has previously been stolen. So, what is important to emphasize is that, besides the hacking on the Internet, the most important crimes are committed physically, and for that there is no antivirus that prevents us from being victims. So, our recommendation is that the most important thing is to use common sense, either to not leave our computer in the hands of people we do not fully trust, or to not commit the sin of fooling around by exposing our computers to theft in public places. Remember that hacking is a process of social engineering, and that´s where the hacker wins the most important battles.

This is it. With LogmeIn and the tricks seen above you will be well prevented and aware of the attacks that day after day also occur on the network. We hope you found it useful.

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