How to write content that your readers will love

Make your online store customer fall in love and get sales. If someone tells you that it is possible to set up an online store in 5 minutes, and almost for free, it is simply not true. Behind it is a huge job with a multitude of implicit factors. Presenting the products in the most attractive and irresistible way is one of the keys .

The first thing is that there is no content that is worth without a good container , that is, the web . The work starts with its design , which must be clear and usable . Usability experts Jakob Nielsen and Hoa Loranger define usability as ” the ease of use, how quickly you can learn to use something, how efficiently you use it, how error-prone it is and how much users like it “.

A clear and usable website, and with a simple navigation will make it easier for the user to quickly find the products

In the case of an online store with hundreds, or even thousands, of products on sale, usability is especially critical. Potential customers must understand at first glance the classification and categorization of products. A good search engine is also fundamental and a quick resource to find a product directly without having to entertain browsing the web. On the other hand, the search history will allow us to know the interests of the users.

A simple and understandable menu and a clear classification of the different groups or product families , are steps forward in our race to conquer the customer. In addition, we have to make an effort to use the words the customer uses to name the products. There is no point in proposing biased technical names when there are other, generally more common, or simply more established, names that customers are accustomed to using. We should not forget about localisms, since depending on the area or region there are products that are named differently. A classic example is the sneakers that in Seville are called botines. Another less well known example is the glass building blocks that many people call pavés, due to the influence of the distributor brands and the decorators.

Once we go to the product , the first thing we have to do is show its best image . If in our social network profiles we post the picture in which we look more attractive, how can we not do the same with the products in our shop? An excellent image, where we can distinguish details or textures , for example, or different views , depending on the type of product in question, will be definitive to make our customers fall in love . Mobile photos should be reserved for personal, non-commercial use, and it is more than advisable to entrust the images in our catalogue to a professional photographer or, at least, to a specialist in photographic treatment, in order to offer a homogeneous aspect in our ecommerce.

Naturally, the images must be optimized for the web and be as light as possible . That is, that each pixel that the image occupies contains only the necessary information. This will improve the loading speed, although this is no longer a problem today, and we will get users to see more products and more options, which will increase the probability of purchase.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Something that is still valid

Besides the image, the written information that accompanies the products, must be as descriptive as possible , avoiding taglines like “Magnificent…, beautiful…” or similar in the texts. They do not provide any information and bore the visitors, who do not really get to know the differences between some products and others. Like any part of the web, these descriptions should also be written with SEO in mind , or natural positioning of keywords in search engines, or rather and being clear, in Google. However, it should not become an obsession, since we can end up being slaves of the search engine and writing artificial or meaningless texts. Let us not forget that Google increasingly favours semantic searches, i.e. those with slightly more complex and descriptive phrases.

We should not leave it to chance to complete our catalogue, with the necessary content to complement it and, above all, to help customers to choose one of our products. For this, defining a good Content and Social Media Strategy is fundamental .

Planning a Content and Social Media strategy is a good investment for an online store

We must take advantage of content in all formats available to us to provide additional information about our products, their manufacture or origin, their use, or ideas, for example. A blog will also support an eCommerce, just like any other website. And, naturally, we will spread everything through the Social Networks relevant to the public of our store . In the case of eCommerce, networks such as Pinterest or Instagram have proved to be great allies. However, we should not lose sight of Facebook that does not throw in the towel when trying to get a head start on online sales.

We encourage you to try everything you can think of and detect that helps customers to choose the product without the help of a salesman who responds. Although for the latter we could include a live chat in our store, if there is capacity to attend it. Content managers, such as Prestashop or WooCommerce from WordPress have these modules or plugins.

Let´s get creative and test it out. Mistakes will help us improve

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