How to see the password for a WIFI on your PC, mobile or cell phone

When we walk down the street or in the house we would like to always be connected to the Internet and of course, from the comfort of our home we can keep up to date with everything that is happening in the outside world without having to be there; the only thing you need is to have a Wifi connection to access it from your PC, mobile or cell phone.

The Wifi signal, as you know is a wireless network that allows us to connect several devices simultaneously at the same frequency of the signal from the vicinity of an access point to it.

For reasons of quality of service and security of our information, it is advisable to protect the wifi signal with a password.

Our devices allow us to store the passwords of the WIFI that we have connected to once we are close and can return the next day and the device will automatically connect without the need to re-enter the password.

Many people are very jealous about the privacy of their connection. So if for some reason you are in a place and you don´t have any data or any open wifi network and you urgently need to see the password of a wifi on your Pc or on your cell phone here we will tell you how to do it.

How to see the Wifi password with the PC?

Access the PC configuration

We can enter the main menu of the computer, which will be in the start button located in a corner of the pc screen, then we go to the option that says “Control Panel” . Once inside we select the option “Network and Sharing Center” .

Once there, we will get a sign indicating the “Type of access and Internet connections” we click there. It doesn´t matter that we don´t remember the password, the device will have stored the source from where it has previously gained access to the Internet.

The next step, after having selected the option of “Internet Connections” should leave the option wireless properties we will click there, then we go to security and there we will find the security key of the network we press show characters and that will show us what we are looking for.

Another option to be able to see the password of a WIFI on your PC is to enter the Internet through any search engine. But, to opt for this alternative, you need, at least, to know the origin mark of the router.

Then choose the browser of your choice to enter the router manufacturer´s site.

The one you prefer, then enter the modem key that allows you to access the manufacturer´s page. As you know, these codes vary depending on the router you have.

But one of the standard codes is this one we will use as an example, this will vary according to the brand of router you have purchased; when you do this, a portal will appear on the screen asking for your username and password.

If you don´t know the username and password, it´s usually standard depending on the brand of your router. One of the most commonly used names and users is ADMIN and the password is also ADMIN, although you can try 1234.

Our recommendation is that you search the web for the username and password for your router. Sometimes you are only asked for the username.

Once you have passed this step, you will find options that will vary according to the format. An example would be entering “security” where you will show us the name of the WIFI and a little further down the password.

View Wifi password from mobile or cell phone

Normally, when our devices are connected to a wireless network for the first time, it asks us for the password and stores it in the internal memory, so that each time you connect to this network you will not need to enter it again.

But when you have no idea what the password is, you can solve it by using an application that allows you to see the WIFI password from your mobile.

The apps came to solve our lives, so we recommend one of the best applications. Wifi Key Recovery , you can download it from the Google “Play Store”, it´s free.

When installed, this App allows you to automatically view the data of the WIFI network, i.e. the network name and password. It´s that simple. Surprising, isn´t it?

Now, let´s imagine another scenario in which we have the need to see the WIFI password in the cell phone . Imagine that you already have a network password stored in your mobile, but you need to give it urgently to someone else and you don´t know it.

In this case, there is another app that is very well known because it allows users to see the password of a WIFI stored in our pc, device or cell phone.

Its name is Wifi Password(ROOT) this application is totally free through the play store. However, you must remember that this application is not for hacking or guessing passwords from other networks.

It simply allows us to see the passwords stored before our devices as this is automatically saved at the time of connection.

When we download it, we run it and we can see how on the screen it shows us a message explaining the functionality of the application. After passing the message window, a list will appear where you will be able to see all the WIFI networks that are stored in your mobile device, because you have used them before, as well as the passwords, allowing us to copy the information to a clipboard or where you want to save it to have it at hand when you need it.

We hope that some of the alternatives that we have provided you with will help you to see the Wifi passwords on your PC, mobile or cell phone.

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