How to know who is connecting to your private Wifi

Wifi is a mechanism for wireless connection to an Internet access through various electronic equipment such as computers, high-tech cell phones, tablets.

Thanks to its versatility it has become one of the most used ways to access a global internet network, so if you go anywhere in the world you can get a Wifi network in every place you visit.

In addition, it has a great amplitude at the time of reaching users, ie in a shopping mall, an airport, a stadium or even a school, university and even in your workplace all people who are in that place and have a device capable of connecting to the Internet, you can use this network at the time of connection all at once and without any problem.

And what has made this mechanism so popular, apart from the wide field it has at the moment of working for a very large group of computers, is that you don´t need any type of cable connected to your computer or other technological device, so you can be in one place or another with your cell phone or laptop, without having to disconnect for a moment from what you are doing on the Internet.

It has become so popular that it has gone from being used only by large companies to being present in most homes in any country in the world, so if you go to your neighbor´s house you will be able to surf the web without any hassle and with peace of mind as they will probably have Wifi available.

The disadvantage of Wifi is that if you´re not careful, it´s not just you who will use it. Since there is a free network everyone can make use of it and this has its negative aspects.

As more devices are connected, the quality and speed of navigation decreases, so when you are on the web, your phone will not navigate as fast as you would like, and many people may be using it without you noticing.

Quien se conecta a mi wifi

It´s a bit annoying that your Wifi stops working as it should because there are people using it without your consent, so I imagine you´d like to know who is connected to your private wifi network.

If when you´re surfing the connection starts to slow down or your smartphone goes offline for no reason, it´s just clues that someone is using your wifi network and it´s time for you to find out who´s doing it so you can start looking for different mechanisms to stop them.

Today there are different ways to know if someone is using your wifi network, such as some programs you can install and configure your router with, but this tends to be a long process that not many people are comfortable with.

Since it can be seen as something complex or there are simply people who do not feel they should spend time on it, there are other types of programs

These programs are a little simpler and will help you to know what is going on in a matter of minutes; there are several and you will have to choose it according to your device and the one that best suits your needs.

To carry out this action: they are Angry IP is one of the fastest scanner ports that does not require installation so its form of one is very simple, performs several functions at once and performs a tracking of IP addresses and ports to know if they are active or not, you can also know the name of the computer and many other things, is ideal for monitoring their networks.

Another suggestion for this type of equipment is Wireshark , one of the most widely used programs at the global level with which you can observe and monitor everything that happens with your wifi network. These two for Windows, Linux and MaCos X. operating systems, in addition to these are: wireless Network Watcher or Mac Os X Hints.

To know who is connected to your wifi network from Android devices : Fing can detect any intruder in your wifi network by making a map of all the devices that are using it, so you can quickly know who is using your wifi network, also helping you to solve the problems you may be having when making a connection.

In the same way Network Discovery is another application with which you can check and verify the course of your wifi, as well as detect someone who is using it without your authorization quickly and from your mobile phone. What makes these applications so popular is that being installed on your phone is that you can make the verification of the network very simple and fast so you can easily detect and know immediately if someone is using your network.

Another application to know who is connected to your Wifi network very efficient is Who Is On My Wifi which will help you quickly know who is connected to your network and also the time in which he was doing it, is a very efficient application that only needs a minimal effort to download.

Finally, as you may have noticed, you only need to take into account the following indications so that you can make a quick detection and solve it almost instantly.

  1. The first step to notice if someone is using your Wifi network is that while browsing on your devices they are slowing down.
  2. If you turn off all the devices and still the little lights on your router keep flickering you´ll know someone else is connected.
  3. Check your connection list and if there is a stranger connected it will be reflected here.
  4. To find out specifically who is using your network, do any of the suggestions described above, search for a program or install an application.
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