How to know who a cell phone number belongs to

De quien es el móvil

We are in the midst of a modern era, where millions of alternatives to technology are continually emerging, which in one way or another make life easier for us.

That is why it is so common to find everywhere things related to the advances in science and technology, from a digital clock, chronometers, computers, televisions, etc, a number of things that every time we turn around and without realizing, are part of this new way of life.

One of those devices present in our daily lives are cell phones, which for a few years have become an indispensable object in anyone´s life, since they are used for everything: studying, working, making personal relationships, having fun, learning, etc.

However, despite having become such a common object in people´s lives. They are so sophisticated that we still don´t know much about them. For example, when we have a missed call from an unknown number, we are curious and would like to know who that number belongs to, but we don´t know how to investigate it.

Either a number appears on a note, or for some strange reason it comes into our hands and we need to know who it belongs to.

If this is your case, if you are interested in knowing who owns a cell phone or mobile phone number here we will tell you how to find out through a few super simple steps.

Knowing who a mobile number belongs to

A quien pertenece el móvil

Search information

There are different written guides, or tutorial style videos where they explain how to decipher who a cell phone number belongs to.

Search Technical Support

In case you don´t have the time to do it, it will always take some time. You can seek help from professionals, such as technical support, probably because they are related to the world of telephony, know the tricks to identify who a phone number belongs to

Web portals

The Internet is a kind of God for modernity. There we find solutions to almost everything. So from the comfort of your home you can get information quickly and quietly without going anywhere and you can do it yourself.

How? On the web there are several pages where you can find out who the phone number you are interested in belongs to.

Among the best is and that provide completely free help, no registration, no buts. They perform an extensive search for the owner of the phone number regardless of whether it´s an ordinary person or a private company and have the best professionals in multiple fields from computer science to lawyers, so you´ll not only know who the phone number belongs to but you can also prevent cases of annoying people who have any kind of negative intent. is another company of great amplitude as far as the search of unknown numbers is concerned, it is one of the best pages to know whose phone number it is and it has helped to solve and to prevent a great number of cases of swindles and frauds.

Other sites of this style are:,, which will also help you know who a mobile phone number you don´t know belongs to. There are also programs and apps that serve as a cell phone or mobile tracker, and their operation varies in price and features.

Although there are also other ways to do it, as with the different internet search engines, Google for example. You can enter the number and you will get any information about the company and owner of the phone you are looking for, so if any number or company is doing illegal activities you will know it this way.


Another option that exists in the market are the Apps for cell phones, which you can download from the app store of your cell phone and with which you can reach the same result: know the identity of the unknown number and with which you can also block that number if you want, some of the best tools for these cases are: contactive, truecaller and trapcall; these ones establish a relationship between the phone number you want to know with the database that exists on the network.

So any of these options will help you. But if you want more specific steps, don´t worry! To make it easier for you, we specify them:

In case you use some of the web pages you should only:

  • Copy in your search engine the address of the web page you prefer (a little higher in this text you will find some)
  • Once you enter, a search engine will appear, you only have to copy the telephone number (in the case of the suggested pages, the number is enough to carry out the search).
  • And now, we can only hope that the seeker will do his job.

If you use a common search engine like Google or Yahoo to find out who a phone number belongs to, you only have to:

  • Type the phone number you want to analyze in the search box.
  • Make sure that when you enter it, you do so in quotes.

In the case of mobile apps:

  • Download an app to search for unknown numbers (above you will get some suggestions).
  • Install the application on your mobile phone.
  • Enter the phone number, that´s all you need.
  • After you know who it belongs to, you can proceed to block the number.

It´s important to know that no matter which option you use, after you know who the owner is, take action on it, whether it´s fraud, theft or any of these options. Although it is generally recommended that you do a search on the unknown number before answering a call.

On the other hand, if you got the number and want to confirm that it belongs to a person you are interested in, you should know that you could be getting into trouble, because it is a violation of privacy and that person can take action if he or she feels harassed.

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