How to know my cell phone number

Saber número de celular o móvil

Have you ever wondered how to know my cell phone number , if so you don´t have to feel bad, because you are not the only one, thousands of people have done it too. When we change our cell phone number, it can take some time to memorize our new number.

On the other hand, there are those who simply have a bad memory and never manage to memorize it or those who do not see the need to learn their own number because, naturally, they never have the need to call themselves.

The truth is that when someone asks us for our phone number and it is something urgent or important, not knowing it could have terrible consequences. Imagine losing a great job opportunity or even the love of your life. It´s definitely something we can´t afford.

The easiest option to solve this problem is to register your own number in your phone as soon as you buy it, so that when people ask for your number you can easily find it in your address book.

But, if it´s too late to consider, today we´ll answer your question about how to find out my cell phone number in a few simple steps.

Steps to find out your cell phone number

There are different ways to find out your cell phone number, just use the one that suits you best or the one that seems easiest. So follow these options

Check your bill

Revisa tu factura

When you buy a cell phone and by default a phone number, it is usually recorded on the purchase invoice. So you just have to carefully check the phone and line purchase papers and that´s it, you´ll find your number there.

Find it on your phone

One of the options you have is to search your own phone. Most of these mobile devices allow you to find it. Although it is difficult to tell you how to do this specifically since there are many phone manufacturers and procedures vary according to the brand of phone.

However, you can try going to the “tools” menu and click on the “options” menu; you will surely find “my number” among the options, there you will be able to visualize it. In case you don´t have in your menu the option “tools” you can look for an icon that has a toolbox, because even if the name changes, the icon hardly changes.

Make a call

Haz una llamada

This is one of the most recommended options to identify your phone number. You can make calls to different addresses to do it, for example, if someone asks you for your phone number and you don´t remember it, you just have to dial his number, so it will be registered in his phone, in fact, you could ask him for it and register it at once in your mobile.

You can also make a call to your landline phone and if it has caller ID, you can easily see it on the screen and register it.

We hope that some of these options will help you answer the initial question that was how to find out my phone number.

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