How to download videos from Facebook without programs

Good morning! My name is Santiago and I´m going to teach you how to download any video from Facebook in a matter of seconds and in different ways: from your Android or iPhone device, from your browser, with programs, without programs, with extensions, without using any resources.

It´s that easy , select the method (we have 6 different methods to download videos from facebook, both from PC and from mobile/cell phone) that best suits your needs and you´ll go straight to the explanation:


  • 0. How to extract the URL of a Facebook video
  • 1. Downloading videos without using programs, apps or extensions
  • 2. Web services that work well
  • 3. Using Chrome extensions
  • 4. Fast downloads from Firefox
  • 5. Android apps for downloading videos from Facebook
  • 6. iOs/iPhone applications for downloading videos

0. How to extract the URL of a Facebook video

First of all, before using any method, you must know how to extract the URL of the video you want to download. Many people simply copy the URL where they see the video, but that URL may not be right, and that will give you problems when you paste it into some video download service (which we´ll see below). This is useful when you want to download videos from your PC.

What you have to do is right click on the video and select the option “Show video URL”:

ver url del video facebook 1

From there you can copy the exact and correct URL of the video you want to download.

1. Downloading videos without using programs, apps or extensions

This is the most recommended method if you are on your own PC or laptop and want to download a Facebook video quickly and without having to use external services, install extensions, programs, or anything else. It´s super easy and anyone can do it, let´s see the steps.

First let´s go to the page where the video is displayed, for example here:

cambiar www facebook online 3

What we need to do is change www to m . That is, if the URL is like this:

https:// www*******/videos/1266284736720818/

We´ll turn it into:

https:// m*******/videos/1266284736720818/

It would look like this and you will see that the style of Facebook changes:

version movil iphone android fb 4

What we do this way is go to the mobile version of Facebook from our own PC. Once this is done the rest is a piece of cake, in the video we will hit “Play” and when it starts playing we will right click and select the option “Save video as” :

guardar video desde movil fbook 5

Ready, we select the name with which we want to save it and we will have already downloaded the video in MP4 format. As you can see it´s super fast and we don´t have to use any resources or programs.

2. Web services that work well

Another option we have available is web services for downloading videos. Although I recommend better the option seen above, if you are interested in using some external web service I leave you the most recommended webs :

DownloadVideosfrom : Its operation is very simple. We put the URL of the video (see here how to extract it) and select the format in which we want the video, the quality (I recommend “best” or “normal”) and the source (Facebook).

formato descarga video fb 7

With this tool you can download videos from many other websites such as Youtube, Soundcloud, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Tumblr, etc. A very complete and fast solution.

SaveFrom : Very fast and recommended service, with little advertising. Again we just paste the URL of our video and a green button will appear with the download options (depending on the quality). With 2 clicks we will have downloaded our video in MP4 format.

Bajarfacebook : I don´t like it so much because it has more advertising, but it works well too. We just put the URL of our video and click on the download button, or right click and “save as”.

descargar video hd facebook 8

3. Using Chrome extensions

Chrome has a lot of useful extensions for downloading Facebook videos from your computer. Here´s one that works very well:

Facebook Video Downloader : This extension is super fast and effective. Once you have installed it, from your own wall or from the video itself, you will see that an icon with the Facebook symbol appears at the top of your browser. By clicking it, it will load all the videos available on the current page and allow you to download them with one click:

extension chrome bajar videos facebook

4. Fast downloads from Firefox

The Firefox browser is great because it allows us to download any video very quickly. Once we´re on Facebook and there´s a video we like, we´ll just hit Play and right click and look for the “Save video as” option . Remember that in Facebook we had to switch to the mobile version to get this option, but in Firefox it´s not necessary

descargar un video facebook firefox 6

It´s really quick and it´s appreciated. Google Chrome should allow this option without having to do the trick mentioned above, hehehe.

5. Android apps for downloading videos from Facebook

There are also a lot of apps and ways to download videos from Android, so I´ll leave you with 2 apps and a technique to download them without using an app.

The technique for downloading videos from Android without using an application is this:

truco descargar video android 9

And the applications we recommend are these two:

  • Video Downloader for Facebook: Recommended application to download videos to your Android device. Now you can save videos uploaded by your friends, other Facebook pages and videos you mark, comment on or give like. Its use is very intuitive but it requires you to share or dislike a friend´s video or fanpage in order to download it.
  • MyVideoDownloader for Facebook: You can search and download a video by browsing directly from the Facebook website, and it´s the only Android application that can download videos in HD format.

6. iOs/iPhone applications for downloading videos

For iPhone and Apple products there used to be a very good app for downloading FB videos, but Apple is very restrictive and ended up removing it. Today we have two options to download videos.

The first is to access Facebook from your web browser and follow the steps in this video. The application you must install from the App Store is Free Video Downloader Plus .

The second option is a little more laborious but we will avoid having to use Facebook from the browser . You must follow the next steps:

1. The first thing we´ll do is download an application called MyMedia from the App Store. The application is like a download manager through which we can manage multimedia files in IOS.

mymedia app

2. Once the application is installed, we open the Facebook application and look for the video we want to download.After playing the video, the option to share the video appears. Click on the “Share” option and select Copy link. This will copy the direct URL of the video to the clipboard of your device.

bajar video fb

3.Now we open the MyMedia application and a browser will appear. Then we open the website that we already saw above: and paste the video URL copied from the Facebook application.


4. Click on the download button . Depending on the video, it is possible to obtain HD or SD quality. The application will ask you to give a name to the video and will start the download. Once the download is finished, you will be able to see the file from the “Media” section of the application.

5.You can watch the videos directly from the application and even save them to your gallery and/or share them with other applications such as WhatsApp or Twitter.

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