How to download Instagram videos

Hi, my name is Santiago and today I´m going to teach you how to download and play Instagram videos in several simple ways, explained step by step and in several devices. This way you won´t have an excuse to share those videos you liked so much with your friends on other platforms.

Download Instagram videos from Android with Instagram+

Instagram+ is an application exactly like instagram that you can download for free to your phone, the only difference with the original is that it allows you to download videos and photos from the social network. It is installed in a different way than usual, because it is not directly on Google Play but you have to download a file and install it.

The first thing we have to do is to enter the security options of our phone, within the preferences and activate the option “unknown sources”, you will get a warning message and you have to accept it. Don´t be afraid, this has nothing wrong, it´s just that we are going to install an application from a source that is external and unknown to the phone (so it´s not the Play Store) and that´s why we have to authorize it:

Configuración de seguridad, activar fuentes desconocidas

Once this is done you have to click on this link, which will take you to mediafire where you will be able to download the Instagram+ file, click on Download and start the download:

Descargar Instagram Plus

Once the application has been downloaded we give it a tap to take us to the installer, there you will be able to see the options you will have access to in the application inside your phone (Take pictures for example). We install it and open it, and a startup similar to Instagram appears. If you already have an account, just log in with your username and password:

Instalar instagram Plus

As soon as we start this message appears “Trick: Hold down any image to zoom in or out”, this is one of the functions that this application brings, is that we can zoom in on the images: Hacer zoom en instagram

And now what we were waiting for, to download both photos and videos we just have to click on the three dots and select download:

Cómo descargar video de Instagram

How to download Instagram videos on iOS (Iphone, Ipad, Ipod…) without Jailbreak

Apple device users sometimes have trouble performing this type of task, because if the device does not have done the “Jailbreak” can not access options such as Android are simpler. BUT COOL, if you want to download videos and photos from Instagram you will not have any problem, it´s easy, just follow a few small steps that I show you below:

You have to download an application called “Grab for Instagram”, you can find it in the App Store for free and without limitations, it is compatible with all iOS devices and versions.

Once we have it downloaded we access it and what it shows us is our Instagram timeline:

Timeline de Instagram

If we want to download a video or a photo, all we have to do is click on the three dots below:

Pulsar en los tres puntitos

A menu will appear in which we have to click on “Save”:

Bajar video de Instagram

Once this is done, sometimes we will get a sale of advertising that we can close by pressing the “X” after a few seconds:

Esperar publicidad

And after this our video will be downloaded.

How to increase likes and plays on Instagram

There are many services for exchanging likes and followers on Instagram, and a well known automation service is Massplanner , but followersInstagram offers for sale follower packs, likes, plays and comments for publications and videos at a good price. It´s a Spanish website that together with MassPlanner or Instaexchange are the best alternatives to get likes and comments quickly.

I hope you liked the tutorial and that you find it very useful, there are other things that might interest you from my website, like the tutorial I wrote about how to download videos from Facebook or how to download videos from Twitter or Soundcloud.

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