How to delete a Facebook account – Step by step

In today´s tutorial I´m going to teach you how to delete your Facebook account. Why would someone want to delete their Facebook profile or that of a family member? There are many reasons:

  1. Death of a family member
  2. A new job and you don´t want your boss to see your private life
  3. Change to a new profile and want to delete the old one
  4. Problems with your partner
  5. Your Facebook profile has been hacked or you forgot your password


  • Step 1 – Request the deletion of your account
  • Step 2 – Verification
  • Step 3 – Login again for final verification
  • Step 4 – Important! This is forever

Whatever the reason, Facebook allows you to permanently delete your profile (eye, your profile, not someone else´s) and everything you include in it, such as your personal data, your photos, your status, your published comments, etc.

It can be done either permanently or temporarily , and even Facebook allows you to start the removal process very quickly, and in less than 2 weeks revoke it if you regret the decision. This process that we detail below can also be done from the mobile / cell phone.

eliminar tu cuenta de facebook

In the next tutorial we will explain you step by step how to do it. Here we go!

Step 1 – Request the deletion of your account

We log in to our Facebook account and click on the menu tab. We will look for the Help option and click on it.

como eliminar mi cuenta de facebook

From this help menu we will open a search engine. In this search engine we will put the word “delete” and we will wait until it finishes loading all the help threads related to that word.

We will see that there is an option that says “What do I have to do to permanently delete my account? We will click on that option .

borrar cuenta rapido 2016

A long message appears and at the end it says “let us know”. We must click on that link that will take us directly to the page of removed completely . In the image below I mark with red where the link is located.

como elimino mi perfil de facebook

Step 2 – Verification

Now we´ll see what he sends us to the “Delete my account” section. Here we simply have to select that option.

eliminar cuenta de facebook definitivamente

To proceed, we must add our password and complete a captcha . This is an extra security step to prevent someone from deleting our account if, for example, we leave our Facebook account open in a cybercafé or on a public computer, or if, for example, we lose our mobile phone or cell phone and someone accesses it.

eliminar cuenta de facebook para siempre

When we complete the captcha, our Facebook will automatically close. But WARNING, our Facebook has not been deleted, it is still temporarily active and will remain so for 2 weeks.

Step 3 – Login again for final verification

Now what we need to do is to log back in to our profile and we´ll see this message appear:

como eliminar cuenta de facebook de otra persona

Our account is scheduled to be deleted. We can confirm the deletion and the deletion will take effect, or we can cancel it. By confirming, we will have completed the process.

Step 4 – Important! This is forever

Please note that by doing this you will lose all the contents of your account and profile forever, permanently. Facebook is required by law to delete all your information and stop storing any personal data of yours, so it is recommended that (if you want to save your stuff) you make a backup of your photos first so you don´t lose them forever.

Similarly, your comments, statuses, likes and other actions you performed within the social network will disappear forever, so think twice before making this decision.

If you want to know how to hack a facebook account we recommend our tutorials. You can browse our website for information about hacking, social network accounts, tutorials and tricks, etc.

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