How to contract a hosting and a domain – Recommendations

You´ve probably heard the phrase: “If you´re not on the Internet, you don´t exist in the real world” . The fact of being present worldwide with a simple web page is at your disposal, and the only thing you need is to hire a hosting company, where you will be able to store the files that will make up your web, and then acquire a domain name (for example or where you will host the content of your page.

como elegir hosting dominio

One of the best hosting services currently available in the Hispanic market is undoubtedly WebEmpresa , since it has a number of very interesting options that allow us to make the web to our taste and without problems, and at a very good price. And be careful, this is not a review nor do I have a special interest in promoting this hosting, I simply know it and recommend it because it is very good.

Among the options it presents, the fact that it is a 24-hour assisted hosting makes it attractive for those of us who are worried about crashes or errors in our server. Its monthly price is also another point in favor, to end up deciding on this particular hosting. In addition, it is in Spanish, so we do not need to know English to be able to navigate through it and understand 100% of what we want to explain, which, for many users, can become a determining detail.

It is something really to be considered, and another positive factor, that we are given a bonus of 50 dollars for various promotional items, such as Google Adwords, Yahoo Marketing, Facebook Ads, among others. Being these services some systems from where to obtain visitors to our web, because once it is already made, it is not useful if nobody knows it, nor is going to visit it.

This is why if you are serious about starting your website, you will need the best hosting, and that is where WebEmpresa plays a major role, as it is rated as the #1 hosting in the world in Spanish language, providing an unparalleled service at a really low price. You can see the classification of the best hosting in the world in Google and you will see that Hostgator and WebEmpresa are in the top.

How to buy a hosting and an economic domain

How to buy a hosting and a domain name that meets our expectations to start our website or blog? Without a doubt, this situation must be taken into account; there are many web hosting companies in the market, however, many of these sites (I tell you from my own experience) leave a lot to be desired when it comes to fulfilling the hosting and domain service, since for one reason or another, at the moment you need them the most, they fail you, as the saying goes, sometimes cheap is expensive, which is impossible to believe in terms of price, it´s like that, impossible!

When it comes to web hosting, and deciding something as crucial as buying a hosting to start our website, it´s best to play it safe, since the first thing you need is that the company where you decided to host your sites guarantees that they will be kept online 24 hours a day, plus the bandwidth and data transfer is the best, since you always think big when starting a website, and as your page grows your visits will increase and your hosting requirements will be higher.

When choosing a hosting and domain for your website, you must take into account the most crucial features for the proper functioning of your site, as far as hosting is concerned, ensuring that it has all unlimited, unlimited data transfer, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domain hosting, plus 24 hour support, this I tell you because at any time you´re going to need help and who better than the hosting service provider to provide it.

Hosting with unlimited domain name hosting

As for the domains, I suggest that when deciding how to buy a hosting and a domain, make sure that you can host in that hosting the amount of domains you want , that is UNLIMITED , because after you buy the first domain, you will want the second, the third and when you realize you will have and need many.

My humble recommendation is that you try any of the services offered by these two companies, Hostgator and Webempresa, in my opinion two of the best. I´ve used them for a long time and they go from 10. Also Webempresa gives you a free domain name when you buy their hosting services, and the support is very good.

I hope I have helped you in this decision you have about how to buy a hosting and a domain for your Internet ventures.

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