How to change my modem password

Cómo cambiar contraseña del modem

We have all asked ourselves at some time how to change the password of the modem and it is that to better enjoy the Internet service and have the optimal speed to develop our activities we need to ensure that only those who we authorize use it.

Remember that the need to change your modem´s password is not only related to the speed of the Internet, or to the need to avoid having your bandwidth stolen , but it is also linked to our security.

Yes, the modem password serves to protect our personal information. These are the reasons why it is best to have the modem with a password, and experts recommend changing it periodically to avoid any inconvenience.

Although it may seem a complicated process, in reality it is simple, here we will explain how to do it.

First, open the router configuration page:

Configuración del router

To open the router´s configuration page, you must access the router´s configuration page through your web browser, from a computer connected to the network. In case you can´t do it via Wi-Fi, because you don´t know or have forgotten your password, do it with an Ethernet cable connecting your computer directly to the router. Once you access the page:

  • The standard router addresses are as follows:
  • (Apple or Xfinity)

Enter one of these addresses in the browser´s address bar.

  • In case none of these addresses work for you. You must open the command prompt by pressing Win+R and typing cmd. When the command prompt is open, type ipconfig and hit the Enter button. Look for the active connection in the list and find the “default gateway” address. Usually this is the address of the router.
  • If it still fails to do so, press the router´s reset button for at least 30 seconds to return the router to its factory settings. You can then search the internet for information about that model of router and find the address for that specific one.
  • Remember that some routers come with their own configuration software. If you have installed the software before you can use it instead of the web browser interface.

Now enter the name and password of the router:

Nombre y contraseña

Each modem comes with a user name and password, which varies depending on the manufacturer. So you should find out from your modem brand what name and password you should use.

There is a good chance that the user is admin and the password is also admin; if not, try the password. But the best thing to do is to find out on the Internet, according to your manufacturer´s brand.

In case you´ve already changed your name, but you´ve forgotten it. You´ll need to press the reset button for 30 seconds, to restore the factory defaults.

Go to “Wireless Connection”:

This step is taken once you are logged into the router. Then you should look in the “settings” menu for the “wireless connection” section. There may be a variation in this name depending on the manufacturer, but generally the terms used are similar.

If your “wireless connection” page has other sections, you should select the one that has to do with wireless security.

Now change the password:

Cambiar contraseña

When you have followed all these steps, you should find the “password”, “code” or “shared key” box and enter your new password in this field. You´re usually asked to confirm your password, so you´ll need to enter it twice to make sure it´s correct.

Our suggestion when choosing the new password is that:

  • It should not be difficult, but impossible to guess; if you imagine a difficult password you might forget it, the best passwords are usually simple, but very clever.
  • Not the relationship with personal data, as I have said, those who use personal data run the risk of being easily hacked
  • Includes capital letters, numbers and symbols
  • Make sure it is at least 8 characters long

Check the security type:

Verificar tipo de seguridad

To do this, the first thing you need to know is that the main types of wireless encryption are: WEP, WPA and WPA2. It is recommended that you use the latter, WPA2, to secure your network.

If you try to connect from outdated devices, you may have complications, if so, you can change the type of security. What you should avoid is activating the WEP, because its encryption is very easy to hack, it is proven that it takes less than 30 minutes to discover the password.

Update the name of the network:

At this point you have to change the name of the network, in case you haven´t done so already. We recommend that you do not include personal information there, as it will be seen publicly.

Also, having personal data in your modem´s identifier makes easier to hack into . Modems whose identifiers are names are perfect targets for hacking.

Save the settings:

Finally, you have to save the adjustments you have made or you will have done nothing. To do this you must click on the option “apply” or “save”.

We cannot tell you where exactly this button is located, because they vary depending on the brand of your modem. But they are often located at the top or bottom of the page.

Once you press it, the changes will be saved, which will take a few seconds. The devices that were connected will be disconnected after this step.

If you have performed these steps as explained, you have successfully completed the password change for your modem. Now, you will have a fast Internet connection, protect your bandwidth and also ensure the security of your information. Then all that remains is for the devices to be reconnected using the new password.

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