How to block calls from a number or contact on iPhone and Android

You may have asked yourself How do I delete a number or contact in Android or IPhone? Here is the solution to that problem. Nowadays many mobile devices, no matter the brand, have the facility of to cut off the call of unknown numbers or registered persons in your mobile phone or cell phone. That´s right, so don´t worry about those annoying calls or some contact you don´t want to know more about.

4 Very Simple Steps for Android Devices

  1. After checking if your device is Android. Go to the settings panel.
  2. Go to the “My Device” section. Scroll down the personalization bar until you get to the “Calls” option. If you don´t get this option, skip these steps, we´ll explain what to do later. Your device may not have this feature even though it´s Android, so you´ll need to download an external application. The important thing is that you do not allow the calls from a number or contact on your iPhone or Android.
  3. When entering the “Calls” option you can activate call rejection by managing the automatic rejection mode where you must register all the numbers to which the rejection will be assigned. You can even create a list of rejected contacts.
  4. Finally, go back to the calls option, and check the “Block Mode” box; this way you will block all notifications regarding the functions previously configured: call rejection or reject list.

Steps for Android with the Call Blocker app to stop any call from a number or contact:

  1. Usually if the devices are mid-range, an external application will have to be downloaded, because the call access denial function is not available on these devices. Download the Call Blocker App free of charge from the app store.
  2. Install the application, it´s a very simple process that won´t take long. When you see a shortcut icon appear on your computer´s main menu about the new application, you can open it.
  3. Open Call Blocker, you will find a menu with three options: calls, messages and an icon that will indicate the creation of a list. It´s that easy to create a blocking list for unwanted contacts. In addition, you can work separately on the blocking, as it can be either text-only or call-only, you decide.
  4. Finally, you can also create with this application another list for important numbers; that is, if you want to be aware of some desired contacts, the application allows you to configure all incoming calls and messages so that you can be aware without any carelessness.

Now, since you know these two ways of ignoring some calls or communicating with some of your contacts, you may be concerned about what happens to your blocked contacts. When they try to reach you, they´ll get messages about your number being busy or unavailable, so they won´t know you´ve censored them.

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Thus, the phone call blocking for Android or iPhone can be directed to calls from contacts you want to stop receiving or to unknown numbers. So you will definitely have the possibility to forget about those contacts that you do not want, and that unfortunately have your phone number.

This way you avoid having to change your phone number just because you don´t want to receive messages or calls from a few contacts. The blocking functions are very simple, you just have to learn how to set them up correctly.

How to avoid calls from someone on iPhone

If your phone is an iPhone, don´t worry! You can also do something about it, so you´ll be activating both iPhone and Android cell phone blocking of a contact or phone number.

4 very simple steps for iPhone devices:

  1. You can perform the blocking through three options depending on where you enter, it can be in the Phone option, in Face Time or in Messages. Any of the three options are valid.
  2. When entering any of the options, look for the contact information either name or phone number, select it.
  3. When you have selected the contact to be locked, scroll to the end of the menu and select the lock option. That´s it! You now have the lock on your iPhone on calls from a phone number or contact.
  4. After locking the contacts, you will have the option to set the lock time. Sometimes, if you only want to block a contact temporarily, you can use the “Do Not Disturb” option without needing to perform the block.

Remember that to perform the mobile call blocking of unsaved numbers or cut off calls from contacts registered on the iPhone or Android you have to make sure you have the blocking option in the settings panel of your device or you will have to download some free application from the App Store. Third-party apps have extra options so you can be informed about who wants to be in touch with you.

Did you have an argument with your partner, and did they apologize or forgive you? Do you want to hear from your group of friends again? Do you know whose number you´ve been dialing for a while? Maybe you´ve regretted it, and want to get in touch with those blocked people – don´t worry!

The change can be reversed. When you want to deactivate it on iPhone and Android just consider the following:

Go to the “Lock Mode” settings panel; either on the phone itself or in the downloaded application, and slide your finger left in the activation box. This will disable all the functions you have selected.

With these very simple steps, the question: “how do I cut off calls from my contacts or a number on my iPhone? ” will be forgotten. You can now decide who can be in contact with you, reject any contact without them knowing, and be aware of any message or call that you do not wish to attend. Solved.

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