How do you make a social media plan?

A company that carries out a Social Media plan, or community manager , must offer you a comprehensive social media management service for your company, whether large or small. In each publication they will try to get attention to attract new followers to redirect them to your website. With your social media plan you will be promoting your products or services in an intelligent way.

Within this process it is fundamental that the CM knows what your company is about and where you want to go. There are affordable plans for all types of companies, self-employed, medium or large enterprises.

And well, within the process of analyzing a company, you have to follow these steps:

    Analyze your business to see what
    products or services we have to offer.
    Documenting your strengths, I respect
    to your competition.
    Analyze the products you offer,we analyze the competition, their prices,

    their social networks.

    Analyze which is your possible audienceobjective, to know how to identify it,

    we analyze different factors such as:

    Gender, age, etc…

    Once you have identified yourtarget audience we identify

    in the networks where we must publish

    to direct our strategy well.

    Once all the previous fields have been analyzedwe are able to prepare a strategy

    custom-made for your company, and prepare

    different offers to be published throughout the year.

    At this point we look at the profiles you have
    created from social networks, if you don´t have thewe create, if you have them we update them.
    According to the strategy we started to publishon the different social networks, to go
    getting more followers in order to
    when we launch the offers have

    an economic return.

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