How do you know a person´s address from their mobile phone or first and last name?

You met someone and you don´t know where they live? You need to send a document and you don´t know the address? Don´t worry, it happens.

Sometimes we forget to ask for the person´s or company´s address and then we go looking for how to know where a person lives by their phone number or where the organization is when we only have their name.

Here you can find some instructions to quickly get the address of a person or company.

Before you know the instructions you should keep the following in mind: Be patient. Yes, because you´ll need time to get the exact address!

For example, when you search for the place where a person lives through his/her name and surname or through his/her mobile phone you will have several addresses; however, that is where you should be aware of certain aspects and filter the information you get little by little.

There are several ways to get a person´s address, we will tell you here two: through their phone number and through their first and last names, very easy! With these two pieces of information you can start your search.

Remember, though, that they must be accurate, because if a last name is misspelled or a digit number is incorrectly entered, the search results may change completely. Try to write down all the multiple options as you will need them later.

This usually happens when, for example, you have been interested in a person, you don´t know them, and you could only find out their name or phone number.

Where perhaps, that same person has given you his data but you never know, maybe that person has given you false information. So we recommend that you memorize his face well and you´ll know why. Well all the above is an example, but suppose it happens to you, you know what to do anyway!

Getting someone´s address by having their cell phone


The use of mobile phones is a must everywhere, for someone to tell you they don´t have a mobile would be a big lie. If you have someone else´s number, you can do several things. The first can be a white lie and it could work only if you do it right. What is it? Calling. Yes, calling if you can´t because you feel sorry for yourself you can ask someone else for the favor.

Here´s the idea, pretend you´re from an important company, and tell the person who has won a prize but first needs the address to get the gift to them. If the person naively agrees, you´re done! You don´t need to read any further as you no longer need to know how to get a person´s location data from their mobile.

Using the phone book

If you are not able to do it, there is nothing to worry about, because there are still ways to do the search, let´s say that the first one is the easiest, and most risky way. Because of the white lie.

Now, taking the search more seriously, you can start using some phone books. Yes, don´t go online yet!

Because if the number is fixed, it might be listed in a national phone book. However, here you will need another piece of information which would be the first and last names to verify.

Make sure at least the surnames, because the affiliated holder of the phone line may be another person who at the same time may be familiar with the person you are looking for to know the place where he lives. Remember this option is valid if the number is fixed. In the case that it is mobile. You can try the following:

Encontrar teléfono de alguien en internet

Take advantage of technology, because the Internet is not just for downloading music and searching for images. You can also do research like getting someone else´s address with your number or by their first and last names

How? This time check if there are pages on the Internet about the phone books, in this case virtual and put the data you have. Make sure you filter the information by sectoring the area where you think the person lives. Didn´t it work? No need to worry, as the Internet offers more solutions.

Now, open the search engine and wait for it to load. Anyone can serve Google, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome. They all work the same! Through your search bar.

There, with the use of quotation marks, you put the phone number or the first and last names of the person you expect to load the results begins to discard.

Several options will appear, which you can discard as if you search for “María González” who lives in Spain, for example, the rest of the results with the word “María González” with a different geographical location should not be important. The search process can be tedious.

So if you don´t get anything, go to a social network right away.

Facebook is the leader in filtering information, and is that just by entering the phone number or full name of the people you will know the exact address of a person using only the phone or their names and surnames.

The social network will give you immediate results. Didn´t you get anything? Well for this to work two important things must happen one of them is that of course the person you are looking for has a social network account.

Here the same thing can happen as in the previous case, as there can be many “Maria Gonzalez”, so if you have the phone number the search results are easier if, and only if, the person has registered his phone number.

You got it, right? If not, don´t worry, we´ve only given you Facebook as an option and there are really many social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, among others.

You just have to keep in mind that to get a person´s address with just their number or first and last names, the person simply has to be registered, and last but not least, most people use their profile picture so it will be much easier for you to recognize them. Good luck!

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