Hacker Facebook – Are Facebook hackers real?

Many users write to us asking about hack programs for Facebook. They tell us many different names and we always answer the same thing: don´t fall into the trap, they are fake programs. Our intention today is to create a list of the supposedly best Facebook hacker programs . To make them visible to the general public and above all so that users can protect themselves against them, since sometimes the only way to protect yourself from the enemy is to know him up close.

Certainly hacking into a Facebook account nowadays is quite easy with all the information that abounds on the Internet, hundreds of tutorials perfectly explained with high definition images, texts with a precise neatness of the steps to follow, videos from YouTube where in less than 5 minutes they show you how to do it, downloads of programs or modified software so that in a few simple steps you can manage to find out a password. This facility is counterproductive as it encourages everyone to get carried away by their own desire to commit crimes and try to access someone else´s account to misappropriate it.

hacker de facebook gratis y facil


  • Keylogger Programs – Medium Level
  • Phising is dangerous – Medium level
  • Cookie Theft, Watch Your Browser – Difficult Level
  • Trojans (RATS) or Stealers – Difficult Level
  • Using Backtrack on Facebook – Difficult Level
  • Hacking the Mobile with APPS, Watch Out – Easy Level
  • Accessing the victim´s cell phone physically – Easy level
  • Social Engineering – Easy Level
  • Hacker DNS spoofing – Difficult level
  • Are these techniques real?

Then what happens is that there are hundreds of people posting on forums and lamenting that their Facebook account has been hacked. For more inri there are no too well explained tutorials on how to recover a stolen or hacked Facebook account, although we do have it posted and you can access it from the sidebar.

In this comparison of the best hacker programs on Facebook we are not going to investigate deeply in any of them but we will only deal with a small explanation about what they are , mainly it is theoretical information. I suppose that some users when reading this lose interest and when not teaching the practical part they won´t continue reading the post; there they are but if some day they want to do it first they will have to start with the theory, otherwise even if you have the power in your hands you won´t know how to use it.

Keylogger Programs – Medium Level

A dirty but very effective technique typical of blackhat hackers . A keylogger is a spy program designed specifically to capture the keystrokes of your PC . This way, if the program is installed on your computer and you type in your Facebook username and password, these are stored in a file and sent to the hacker over the Internet. It presents several difficulties, one of them is that this type of program is detected by most of the antivirus making it practically impossible to install it on your hard disk.

keyloggers mejores software gratis

On the other hand, you must manage to install it without the victim realizing that it is a keylogger. So you must either have physical access to his PC or make him believe that a different type of program such as image management is installed. Computers in cybercafes are usually cannon fodder for this type of spyware .

Phising is dangerous – Medium level

A technique as old as it is powerful. It is estimated that 20% of Internet users have at some time fallen into phishing and the inconveniences it produces. It is an organized deception through which the appearance of a web has been copied by cloning all its content. Once copied, it is uploaded to another server to which the hacker has full access. Once all this is done, the only thing left to do is to pass the false URL and wait for an unwary person to enter data in the login so that this information is saved in the server waiting for the hacker to retrieve it and read it. In the meantime, the victim cannot even have realized that it is a fake website because when you enter your personal data, he is automatically redirected to the real page, preventing him from realizing the intricate orchestrated deception.

Cookie Theft, Watch Your Browser – Difficult Level

Cookies are files stored on your computer that contain information about the websites you have visited. In fact, cookies are used by the websites you visit to check if you have been there before and if you were logged in. In this way, malicious attackers stealing these cookies and placing them in their browsers can pass themselves off as another user, allowing them to log in without knowing your access credentials as they trick websites into creating user sessions. As a protection measure for this technique, Facebook recommends activating the https since this way it is not possible to steal cookies, which is not the case with http. It goes without saying that this type of Cookie Theft or also called Cookiestealing can only occur on Wifi or LAN connections.

programa para robar cookies mejores hackers

Trojans (RATS) or Stealers – Difficult Level

These are computer programs very similar to the keyloggers explained above, but much more complex and with greater potential to steal information . If with keyloggers you could only steal the information that the victim typed with the keyboard, with a Trojan you can remotely access his PC without him noticing. Imagine entering a computer with all the information it has inside, you can subtract whatever you want and without being detected. There is no doubt that many people can think about it when they have a computer completely controlled remotely.

They make use of the fact that most people save their website passwords stored in their browsers. In this way, even if they think they are safe, the data can still be extracted by stealers and Trojans. And all this online and remotely, that´s why they are also called remote control tools (RATS). Just like keyloggers, they can be easily detected by anti-viruses and blocked by firewalls. Similarly, the best method of prevention is not to open files of dubious origin, especially if they come by mail online, and no downloading of programs if they are not from their original source.

Using Backtrack on Facebook – Difficult Level

A very powerful Linux distribution since it is the tool par excellence of all web security auditors . With it you can easily detect any security breach in a web page, exploit it and get the root of the system in a few minutes. We learned how hackers install and use it in this article and in this one . As well as finding out what the security flaws are, it also offers a multitude of programs to allow you to steal information. It can be said that Backtrack contains all the tools necessary to hack Facebook , from cloning to sending the stolen information through the network.

programa xploit 6

Hacking the mobile with APPS, watch out – Easy level

A technique similar to Trojans and stealers but applied to mobile phones. Nowadays everyone accesses the internet via their mobile phone. We introduce our user data and access the bank, private websites, social networks… The problem is that we not only do that but we also install third party programs to play games, use applications to take pictures and other things. Many times the creators of these Apps have dark purposes and use their cunning to sneak in a back door with which to take our information stored in the mobile to unknown places.

programas apps para hackear fb

Accessing the victim´s cell phone physically – Easy level

A not very subtle method, of course, but effective if the victim leaves her cell phone aside for five minutes and you take advantage of it. If you manage to access his Facebook profile you can reset the password . And why do you want to do this? You might ask yourself if you want to find out! Well, if you reset it you will know the new one and the victim will not, then for a while you will be able to access all his information from any other device. This is a very unrecommended way, since you are taking without her permission a personal asset such as her mobile phone or cell phone. That´s why it´s only recommended to do it with people close to you who are safe or in your circle of trust, as well as with family, friends or partners. Remember that hacking into a person´s Facebook is not legal and from our website we do not support this type of practice under any circumstances.

Social Engineering – Easy Level

The hacker technique for Facebook that is most dangerous if you are a careless user. It is so simple that it is amazing how easy it is to steal passwords from users who take the bait, and as a user you must be very careful not to fall into this type of technique. In the early years of Facebook many hackers created fake email accounts such as [email protected] or [email protected] . They used them to spam thousands of e-mails telling them in an alert message that their Facebook account had been compromised and that they should change their password immediately to recover it. In this clever way many people believed when they saw the sender that it was really Facebook (@facebook.com) and fell into the trap by sending their credentials to the hacker´s email themselves.

Hacker DNS spoofing – Difficult level

Possibly the most complex technique of all because for the scenario to be carried out it must have a series of characteristics such as both the victim and the attacker being within the same network LAN . It refers to phishing by changing the access IP of any website, so that when the victim accesses www.facebook.com by typing it in his browser he is actually being directed to another trap page. A program in Linux to perform DNS spoofing would look like this:

dns spoofing hacker facebook

This technique is similar to phising and only the network administrator can prevent the poisoning of the network´s DNS tables.

Are these techniques real?

Of course I do. It is estimated that there are about one million hacking attempts, malware and web page attacks every day. We can therefore say that these techniques are the order of the day. Activities such as phishing, for example, are very lucrative, and there are mafias that revolve around them and move millions of dollars. Much of the money that exists in tax havens and offshores comes from illicit activities. Compared to the classics – drugs, prostitution, arms… – cyber crimes are gaining more and more ground.

But you don´t have to go to the statistics. It is enough to talk to our friends and acquaintances to see that these techniques are real. I´m sure that among your circle of friends, some have suffered some kind of hacking, attempted attack or phishing.

If you have been left wanting more information to protect yourself from these hacking attempts you can review our tutorial with the best program to hack Facebook (fundamental to protect your facebook profile) or check our list of tutorials.

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