Gift Voucher Card – What it is, benefits and use

A customisable wallet card to give away allows you to preload it with the amount you want, and you can even personalise it with a logo, your products or any image you want, and use it as a gift for a birthday, wedding or other celebration.

These cards have become popular in today´s world where it is really difficult to get a gift right. Will you have it? Will you like it? These types of gift cards help individuals and, why not, companies to attract new customers in an efficient, simple and convenient way. No more boring corporate gifts that end up forgotten in a corner. It has never been so easy or so convenient to have a Monedero – Prepago card, without having to open a bank account.

Applying for them is very simple because you simply have to contract your cards by sending a request for a quote.

If you want to give something to your partner, a relative or a friend… don´t give it any more thought. This is the personal gift that nobody will want to give back … because everybody will be able to buy what they really wanted. Hasn´t it already happened to you that what you had looked for and searched for a thousand times in the shops… in the end ends up in a completely forgotten corner of the house? No, it´s not that the person you gave it to doesn´t appreciate you (I´m sure he does!). It´s just that it´s impossible to be right all the time or because the person you want to give it to has simply changed their tastes.

Prepaid wallet cards work exactly like any other bank card you already have in your wallet.

When you want to pay with it, just use it like any other prepaid card: you can give it to the person who is charging you at the checkout, you can pass it through the store´s POS or pay in any other way you can think of. These cards are comfortable, useful and very convenient because they are cash that you will have available (from the moment you activate it) always and at your disposal.

In general terms they are more efficient, easy to use, safe and fast … but perhaps the most important reason to hire your gift cards is that it doesn´t matter who is going to receive them: is a gift that makes everyone happy and everyone will be grateful to receive them .

They represent one of the most effective forms of marketing that your company can do: acceptance is 100%, it causes high recall rates, it produces an immediate improvement of your image and your investment is always under control, without added expenses or extra surprises.

The perfect gift for everyone

A gift card is the smartest gift for smart people. Always available, always ready to be used, it´s all advantages and no downside. Whoever receives it will be delighted to be able to buy what they like best, at the time and place they want and whoever gives it knows that they couldn´t give a better gift because you are always right.


When you receive it and for security reasons, you only have to call 900 123 456 to activate it and it is ready to use. That´s it!


You will be able to know the balance whenever you want, consulting it via web.


You can customize a single card up to the amount you want, without limits!


As it is a bank card, you can use it in any country, in any shop, in any business that accepts card payment via POS.


Nothing better than knowing you got the gift right. Because however you use it, it will always be to the taste of the person you have given it to.


There is no more limit than the balance you have preloaded on the card. It can be used once or several times, for a large purchase or for small purchases.


The cards are backed by one of the most solvent banks in the country. The money will always be available, no matter what, no matter what.


Whether you need a single card or several thousand, you will always know the amount before you buy. We make you budgets to measure and without any commitment.


Whatever you ask for, when you ask for it, we will send you your cards in a very short time, so that you can hand them out yourself or leave them to us, as it suits you best.

Characteristics, limitations and expiration of the wallet card

We have based these features on one of the many gift vouchers that exist (CashtoPay), but others may vary under certain conditions.

ATM use: Not allowed

These cards are not valid for making cash withdrawals from ABANCA or other ATM networks. No cash withdrawals are allowed.

Renewal: Not admitted

Once the validity period of the card has expired, it will not be renewed under any circumstances

Customer Service: Phone

The cards have a customer service department to attend to users who may complain about incidents during the validity of the card

Associated Account: not required

The card holder may pay the amount of the initial charge to the Gift Card / Wallet, as well as the issue fee against an account held by him/her, against a card or in cash.

Validity: 12 months from activation

Once the expiration date has arrived, the card will be inoperative

Associated Insurance: Not available

The wallet/gift card does not incorporate any associated insurance.

Ownership: natural or legal persons

Single Card Agreement in which it is not possible to add associated cards. The card should be contracted by a client previously registering in the company´s database. It will be the contracting party himself who specifies the name of the person he wants to appear on the card (it does not matter if this person is a client or not)

Minimum recharge: 10

The contracting party must make a deposit on the card at the time of contracting and register with the amount he/she wishes to give away. Recharges will not be accepted after the registration.

Operation: With restrictions

Operates only in shops and online purchases that allow the use of gift cards / purses, without the need to enter a PIN

Mode: non-rechargeable

Only one entry will be allowed on the card at the time of purchase. Purchases made will be deducted from this available balance.

Maximum Balance: 1,500

No income will be allowed to exceed that amount

Balance Enquiry: Allowed

The balance of these cards can be consulted from a web page

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