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Good one! My name is Santiago and I have to warn you, if your goal is to learn how to prevent hacking into someone else´s whatsapp you´ve come to the right place ! And this is very important.

If you Google “how to hack whatsapp online” most of the results that are positioned are scams. Yes, you read correctly: scams. They promise to hack a profile in seconds with their magic programs, and all they do is force you to put your phone number and spend the entire balance. You know, for the record, I warned you: beware of fake hacking services. They are scams, frauds, websites that normally and with the passing of the weeks end up being penalized and eliminated from Google, and their owners denounced by the victims.


  • 1. Whatsapp Web Method and QR Code
  • 2. Sending conversations by email
  • Installation of a Trojan horse
  • Hacks and tricks for people who want to hack whatsapp
  • How to prevent hacking our Whatsapp

That said, in this tutorial I´m going to teach you the main real and practical techniques (not for professional hackers, but for normal users) used by Whatsapp hackers.

Since there are several techniques, we will see them from easier to more complex.

1. Whatsapp Web Method and QR Code

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Objective: Access all conversations and save them on your PC

This technique to hack Whatsapp is very simple, which makes it especially dangerous and we must be warned about it.

The technique is based on taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the new whatsapp web (version of whatasapp on the pc) to spy on the conversations of others. In a misdirection of the victim, the hacker can take his mobile phone and get to see in his pc (the hacker´s) the version of whatsapp web of his victim once she has left. This type of hack is carried out among friends or people close to the victim, because to do so it is necessary to be physically in front of the victim´s phone. Our advice: never leave your mobile phone alone.

escanear whatsapp persona online

I leave you an image of the process both for the phone and where the Whatsapp Web option is, and on the PC the official website where the QR code appears:

espiar conversaciones whatsapp1

2. Sending conversations by email

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Objective: Access a specific conversation and receive it in your email

This option is very powerful for spying on any Whatsapp conversation, and is unknown to many. To be hacked, you just need to lose sight of your mobile in front of a “friend” with bad intentions. In a slip of the tongue, this “bad friend” can enter your Whatsapp conversations, and select the option “send conversation by mail” so they can quietly spy on you from their email at home.

As you can see this method for hacking into another person´s or friend´s whatsapp is very simple, so we repeat that extreme caution always comes first.

Installation of a Trojan horse

  • Difficulty: Advanced
  • Objective: Access all the information and data of a cell phone / mobile

Here things get very complicated, and you need to have some experience. Chema Alonso , a well-known Spanish hacker, explains how to install a Trojan on an Android mobile here , and how to install a Trojan on an iOs mobile here . Both techniques are advanced but with some social engineering you can do it. Basically, what these hackers do is convince you to install an application that has a Trojan inside . Once you do that, you are lost.

Unless you have anti-malware installed, you won´t know that your Android phone has been hacked.

Hacks and tricks for people who want to hack whatsapp

  • If you want to see the photo, status and last connection of any phone number, just add it and you´ll have direct access to all that information.
  • You don´t know if someone has blocked you? Because the states of whatsapp can´t be completely blank, it´s very easy to know whether or not a person has you among their contacts.

How to prevent hacking our Whatsapp

Check your application´s settings : Periodically, you should enter your Whatsapp settings to check, for example, if your email is still associated with your account, or if you have been hacked instead. We will do this by going to Settings/Chats/Security. If it´s not your email that appears to be associated with it, worry about it.

Make backups: From time to time, back up your conversations by sending them to your email. That way, you can delete your conversations later, and even if someone enters your Whatsapp, they won´t be able to see anything.

Check the Whatsapp web sessions you have open. In the Whatsapp web tab of our application we can see how many sessions we have open, that is, how many computers can see simultaneously what we write in our mobile. In addition to the operating system (Mac OS, Windows…) dates and locations will appear. It goes without saying that, if you see an open chat that doesn´t ring a bell, you should close it immediately. The good thing is that you can do it from your own smartphone, by clicking or dragging with your finger.

Don´t get conversations compromised by Whatsapp: Unfortunately, Whatsapp is not the most privacy-friendly application. As you know, some governments and intelligence agencies may access your messages if they reveal some criminal activity. Even if this is not the case, and due to the flaws in this type of application, we recommend other alternatives to talk about important things, such as secret Telegram chats.

And well, my friend, that´s all. Unfortunately there are no magic programs to hack whatsapp online for free and my intention today was not to trick you, but to show you the truth and help you not to fall into the traps of this kind of attacks.

I hope you liked this tutorial, remember we have more tutorials about hacking that I link below:

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WhatsApp Messenger is a multi-platform mobile messaging application that allows you to exchange messages without having to pay by sending SMS messages. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia and all phones can contact each other without connection problems. Because WhatsApp Messenger uses the same internet data plan that is used for email and web browsing, there is no cost to send messages and stay in touch with your friends, as long as you have internet of course.

In addition, basic WhatsApp messaging users can create a group, send messages to each other, send an unlimited number of images, video, and also audio.

Perhaps best of all, Whatsapp is currently 100% free and has no advertising. Its profits come from the money injected by investors.

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