Can you hack an app? Types and security

As mobile technology and the advancement of mobile phones increases, so does hacker greed for vulnerabilities. Today, thousands of people search Google to find out how to hack an app , as the app market has grown exponentially in our world.

Luckily the major application markets, the iPhone store and Google Play take hacks and vulnerabilities in their platform very seriously, so if you download applications from these stores, whether they are free or paid, you should have no problem.

A different point is that you look for how to hack an application or have a device stolen and download applications directly from the Internet, and we´re going to talk about that now.


Apps downloaded from the Internet

Applications that are uploaded to the Google Play cloud (and also iPhone, which are very strict) must be uploaded by developers and webmasters who have paid the registration fee to have a Google Play account. This means that at least they have their data and have an account that is worth money. From there, from the time an app is uploaded until it is published, some time passes. In that time Google reviewers check all source code for unauthorized code, violations or serious vulnerabilities.

They can´t always detect everything, but they also have computerized systems to detect if an application has been downloaded many times after installation (the alarm sounds) and even their own notification system so that users themselves can warn that an application is infringing something. This is why apps installed from Google Play may be plagued by advertising, but they are safe.

How to avoid apps that can hack you

The rule is very simple: always download the app from Google play, never install applications that you have downloaded from the Internet and that are not in Google play for some reason. This is important, if an app is not in Google Play and forces you to download it from another web page , it´s for a reason, so be suspicious.

Also, look at other important details such as:

  1. The number of downloads of the application and when it was uploaded
  2. Ratings and comments
  3. The developer´s homepage and the other applications he uploaded, and his seniority and reliability as a vendor.

How do you hack into Google Play apps?

Normally you get employed tools that decode the APK files of the application itself. iPhone, due to its airtightness, is more difficult to hack, but Android is a free code that is very easy to compile and decompile. Once you have the APK file of an application (there are thousands for free on the Internet), hackers simply check the code to detect the sections where they have to patch some lines to avoid, for example, paying when you want to have more gems.


This happens in games where you have to pay to get gems, weapons or tools, such as Clash of Clans. In these games they patch the code so that you can buy packages of gems and infinite money without having to pay the company Clash of Clans or Royale. However there are two drawbacks when hacking an app or installing a hack for an app:

  1. You must have your mobile phone rotated , that is, an unofficial and retouched version of Android to avoid certain limits and to be able to edit your phone at will.
  2. You will not be able to connect online . When you play games like Clash of Clans and you want to access online versions like the championship league, if you have any hack in your game code, COC will detect it and won´t let you continue. That is, you will be able to play offline but you won´t be able to play online, a great handicap for players addicted to this mobile application.
  3. Lose your grace . When in a game you don´t have to make an effort to get the achievements, the game ends up losing all the additive it had, that´s why we don´t recommend hacking apps or learning how to hack apps or how to rotate your mobile to install hacked apps.

That´s it, you know: avoid this kind of hacks so you can keep playing safe and happy

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