Can they hack into your Instagram account? How do I avoid it?

Instagram is both a social network and a mobile photography application . Initially it was created only for iPhone , but as its success and popularity has spread around the world versions are now available for Android and iPad .

Basically, its success lies in taking photos and uploading them to this social network, although you can retouch them first with the multiple image filters it has.


  • Caution: Mobile phising is easy to implement
  • How do you hack into Instagram?
  • There, we´ve just been hacked!
  • How do I avoid hacking into our Instagram account?

But we are not here to talk about the wonders of Instagram as a social network or as an iconic photo element. The truth is that the subject that is happening to us is much more worrying and the relevance that the latest events are taking puts it even closer to the eye of the Hurricane. Many of you will wonder what I am talking about when I get so mysterious, since I am referring to how to hack an Instagram account in a mobile phone.

Caution: Mobile phising is easy to implement

The technique of phishing is an old fraudulent practice in the Internet world. It never goes out of fashion and although it might seem that thanks to new technologies we could avoid falling into the nets of phishing, sometimes, it is just the opposite, there is paradoxically much more risk. By this I mean that with the new mobiles and tablets it is much easier to hack an Instagram or to hack Facebook using phising.

hackear un instagram

We can say that thanks to elaborated techniques phising nowadays is very similar to the one used 10 years ago, even it still works exactly the same as when it started, in a few words it is still a simple way to know how to access Instagram accounts on a mobile.

Why is it so easy to use phishing on mobiles?

There are a number of factors that make it easier to use this technique on new mobile devices, much more so than in traditional desktop browsers. Below we will list the 2 main reasons.

The resizing of the screen

This is the main factor that makes a notable difference with desktop web browsers. The screen of the mobiles, being smaller, cannot show as much information as in a desktop environment. So when a visitor enters a website, the mobile has to optimize the maximum visibility on a screen, without focusing on unimportant things. So it makes the address bar in Safari browsers disappear completely , making it much more vulnerable to a phishing attack because the user can´t see the web address at a glance.

The SSL Certificate

hackear instagram gratisOne of the greatest defenses against identity theft is the use of SSL certificates by official websites . This is usually a icon in the form of a green or blue padlock that is shown right next to the web address, in the address bar. By simply clicking on it you can see at a glance all the data and information about the page. In this way you can check that this is really the real domain in question.

But when we browse through a mobile browser, these encrypted connections only show us a lock icon, nothing else. And if we click on them it will not show us any information about the domain we have accessed. This way, attackers can use the creation of a cloned page with an SSL certificate with any name. Given that with any SSL connection, the lock icon would appear on the fake page, which would offer a false confidence to the potential victim, without the probability of checking for himself where that supposedly secure connection comes from since, as we have said, even if you click on it, it doesn´t show you anything.

How do you hack into Instagram?

We are going to explain how a hacker can hack into an Instagram account using the phishing technique . Normally for this kind of cases a hacker must have basic knowledge of web creation, FTP uses, text modification in a code editor and some kind of information more than easy to learn.

The first thing you do is register in a hosting (paid or free) and acquire a domain or subdomain name. The more similar the web is to the one being cloned, the more chances of success the attacker´s phishing attack will have. We are not going to describe the process of how to create a website through a hosting, there are hundreds of tutorials for this on the Internet, if you do not know how to do so just look a little through Google. It is very interesting to learn how to do it but remember that you should not do it to hack or phish, as it is illegal.

Accessing the official Instagram website you can see the source code of the page, code that will be used to make a clone page. This clone will simulate Instagram, and make the careless ones confuse and put their data there.

Read carefully below to see how you should proceed to protect yourself from a case of hacking on this social network.

We enter the domain name that the hacker created in the hosting in our web browser and we can check how the copy made is a perfect copy of the Instagram website.

It looks exactly the same, but it´s not Instagram. We´ll write a made-up username and password. We´ll hit the enter button and magically those entered data have been saved to a file in the hacker´s hosting. Also, the victim (ourselves in this case), once we have written our credentials will be redirected to the official Instagram page making us not doubt for a moment that it is a fake clone of the original. We´ll probably think that we typed the password wrong and we´ll type it right again.

movil o celular followers

There, we´ve just been hacked!

As you can see, hacking Instagram is easier than it looks, and a hacker or lammer only needs a hosting and a domain name to host a page that looks the same. It is very dangerous and the best advice we can give you is to always check the domain and SSL certificate when you access a website like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

How do I avoid hacking into our Instagram account?

1-. Always use your smartphone´s app. The best way not to fall into the phishing networks is not to access your account through the browser. We will always choose “open with Instagram app” when you ask us, and of course we will have our official and updated app.

2-. Do not log on to other devices. To avoid hacking in your environment, we will try not to log in to anything else but our mobile phone.

3-. Watch out for applications that ask for your data. Many applications ask us to access our account in order to get features (know your horoscope, get new wallpapers… etc.). Although they offer us what they promise, these apps save our data to perform actions with our account. So, if we have logged into one of them, we will notice in the future that we make likes that we don´t want, comments even that we follow people that we haven´t requested. This is one of the easiest techniques in the world to impersonate other users, that of baiting a free feature.

Obviously this article has been written for educational and ethical purposes , so don´t try to hack into the Instagram accounts of people who haven´t given you their consent to avoid legal problems. If you are interested in learning more about ethical hacking you can view our hacking tutorials, learn how to avoid fake facebook hacking programs , how hackers hack into mobile phones or bank accounts. We have all kinds of tutorials related to the art of ethical hacking and protecting against social network vulnerabilities. Our motto is: learn how they do it and prevent it from happening to you and your friends.

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