20 ways to save on your day-to-day that you didn´t know

For many of us it is easy to think of ways to save money. For example, stop partying, avoid unnecessary shopping, etc. But there are other kinds of waste that we don´t realize and that by becoming aware of them we can start saving money. Here´s a list of 20 actions you probably haven´t thought of that can save your budget: For many of us it´s easy to think of ways to save money. For example, stop partying, avoid unnecessary shopping, etc. But there are other kinds of wastefulness that we don´t realize and by becoming aware of them we can start saving money. Here we share with you a list of 19 actions that you probably haven´t thought of and that can save your budget:

1. Buying products of renowned brands

From branded clothing, cosmetics, drugs and even food, we often pay more money just for the brand of the product. As far as medicines are concerned, it is always advisable to ask the pharmacist for advice on generic drugs.

2. Paying someone to repair your car

Some basic repairs can be made by you. There are hundreds of videos on the internet that instruct you how to do this.

3. Shopping when you have time or are hungry

It has been proven that people who go to the supermarket when they are hungry or have time to spare end up buying more than they need.

4. Buy “occasionally” at the gas station

Avoid stopping to buy candy, drinks and so on every time you go to the gas station with your car or if you want, keep track of all those “little” purchases you make per month and designate a certain amount of money from your budget for this.

5. Expiry date of products

Some perishable products certainly have an inflexible expiration date. However, if they´re about to expire and you keep them in the freezer they´re going to last you well beyond that date. You can do the same with fresh meat and bread.
On the other hand, other products such as cereals, noodles, instant coffee, etc., while stored in a dry and cool place, should remain intact for a longer time than the expiration label.

6. Payment for Cable Service

Nowadays there are many streaming services available for watching movies or TV series or cinema. Paying for cable service, which usually includes channels you never watch, could be a help to your stretched budget.

7. Applications on your mobile

Today there are applications available for mobile phones for all interests. Don´t enter your credit card details on the sites or applications to buy games or applications to avoid the temptation to make purchases with just one click.

8. Check the air in your car´s tires

Schedule a fortnightly or monthly check of your car´s tyres because when they start to lose air they consume more fuel!

9. Check your wardrobe, you could earn money!

This weekend select the clothes or shoes that you no longer use but are in good condition and sell them to the stores that sell second-hand clothes.

On the other hand, when you want to buy clothes or shoes, always try to choose good quality things, which do not come off easily, which lose their colour or shape. This way, you will avoid having to buy clothes so often.

10. Health and hygiene habits

You think it will never happen to you, but at some point it will… If you don´t have good oral hygiene, you´re going to have to run to the dentist at some point and spend a lot of money!
Frequent hand washing, avoiding alcoholic beverages and fast food is part of the personal care we must all take to keep them free from disease.

11. Expensive personal care products

Have you ever thought about what´s in that “anti-wrinkle” cream you use every night? If you look at the packaging and see the ingredients that make up this miracle cream, you probably won´t even be able to pronounce them. The vast majority of these products do not work. It is better to stop cheating and throwing your money away on these products. Choose to buy products with natural ingredients that you can pronounce and that are usually more effective.

12. Laundry

Do you still use the dryer in the summer? It would be cheaper to hang your clothes outdoors taking advantage of the day´s sunshine, especially if it´s summer. Another way to save money is to stop using fabric softener, which in many cases turns out to be a waste of money.

13. Energy drinks and sleep

Energy drinks can become an expensive habit. It´s normal to feel a little boost of energy after drinking them but as the days go by your body learns to tolerate them and that “boost” of energy gets less and less and you will end up needing several drinks a day. In return, consider how many hours of sleep you have per night since that lack of energy can be caused by going to bed too late.

Make your own coffee at home

If you´re a coffee drinker, invest in a good electric coffee maker that can be programmed to have your coffee ready every morning even before you get up. If you keep track of how much you spend on coffee every morning at the coffee shop on your way to work or at the coffee machines around, you´ll soon start saving money.

15. Weekly trips to the supermarket

A good way to stay on budget is not to go to the supermarket several times a week for one or two products only. Plan your grocery list carefully and do your shopping weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, if possible. This way, you will save time and money on transportation.

16. Buy different specific cleaning products

With the exception of wood and certain materials, it is not necessary to buy an expensive product exclusively for each surface in the home. Prefer to use an all-purpose cleaner or look for video tutorials on the Internet on how to prepare your own cleaners. This will lower your grocery bill.

17. Take advantage of discounts for certain groups

Many product and service stores offer discounts for seniors, students, retirees or the military. Always ask the salesperson about these discounts depending on your situation.

18. Individual food packages

When you go to the supermarket you can buy the cheese and so on in individual preweighed and sealed packages to save time. But this facility has its cost! If you don´t want to waste your money, it´s better to go to the dairy section and ask them to weigh and pack the amount you need. The same goes for ham and other sausages.

19. Disorder

Being messy has its cost. Losing your cell phone charger, jewelry, car keys, etc. leads to an unexpected expense in your budget. If you don´t feel motivated to organize your mess, then think of all the times you lost something and had to spend money to get it back or buy it back and months later you found it and realized that once again you had wasted your money!

20. Control your home lighting

It´s one of the most common and unnecessary expenses: leaving your lights on. It´s totally absurd and it won´t cost you anything to avoid it.

What do you think about these tips, would you add some?

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