10 things you didn´t know about Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook


  • 1. Mark is colour-blind!
  • 2. Speaks 5 languages
  • 3. You do not have a television in your home
  • 4. He created FaceMash before Facebook
  • 5. Her favorite bands… Shakira!
  • 6. Mark Zuckerberg has Twitter!
  • 7. He is a vegetarian
  • 8. You can´t block him on Facebook!
  • 9. Was the idea for Facebook stolen?
  • 10. Your 5 secrets in business

Mark, one of the richest people in the world, also stands out for some of his hobbies, his unostentatious life, his hobbies and his way of being. This sympathetic multimillionaire who always wears gray T-shirts never ceases to amaze with his actions and habits. From learning ancient Greek to driving mid-range cars, having to give talks in public despite hating to do so because he is a very introverted person. Today you will know a little more about the creator of the largest social network in the world, Facebook .

Today I bring you 10 facts you probably didn´t know about Facebook creator Mark Zuclerberg. Enjoy!

1. Mark is colour-blind!

Yes, Mark, one of the great billionaires and visionaries of this era, is colour-blind, at least partially. He totally confuses the colors green and red (imagine what problems he´ll have at traffic lights hehe), and maybe that´s one of the reasons why Facebook is blue.

daltonico verde rojo

2. Speaks 5 languages

English, Hebrew, Latin, French and ancient Greek. He also speaks a little Chinese so he can talk to his wife´s family. It´s a pity he didn´t start studying Spanish, the third most spoken language in the world

3. You do not have a television in your home

Neither Mark Zuckerberg nor his family watch TV, so they don´t even have one at home. What for? On the internet you can find everything you need

4. He created FaceMash before Facebook

FaceMash was a student photo website where you decided if one person was sexier than another. He created this website at Harvard University in 2003 and they closed it down for “security issues” and “personal reasons”. Mark also had to apologize publicly. FaceMash was the antecedent to Facebook and later sold it on Flippa for $30,000.


5. Her favorite bands… Shakira!

Some of his favorite bands are Green Day, Daft Punk, Shakira, Lady gaga and Jay Z.

6. Mark Zuckerberg has Twitter!

Although he doesn´t use it much and is very discreet, you can see it here.

mark zuckerberg twitter

7. He is a vegetarian

2011 was an important moment for Mark, as it was the year he decided never to eat meat again, unless he kills the animal he is about to eat.

8. You can´t block him on Facebook!

Mark is the only person in the world you can´t block on Facebook, try it if you want!

9. Was the idea for Facebook stolen?

The twins Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss had a long legal battle with Mark, who was accused of stealing the original idea for Facebook. The battle finally ended with a payment to the twins of over $60 million. Did Mark really steal their idea?

gemelos facebook

10. Your 5 secrets in business

Mark wrote a book in 2013 in which he developed 5 factors that he considers “key” to success in business. These 5 keys are passion, purpose, people, product and strategic alliances.

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